Saturday, February 16, 2019

Diva of DOOL's 367th Blogtalkradio Show

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Join the Diva of Days of our Lives and friends for our 367th Blogtalkradio Show about "Days of our Lives."  Jordan kidnaps Ciara and Charlotte.  Everyone suspects Ben took them.  Jordan drugs Kate when she figures out what Jordan did.  Rafe takes Kate to the hospital. Ben knocks out Eli and pulls a gun on Hope to escape the police station to find Ciara.  Ben runs into Chad at the Square as they discover Jordan set up Ben, and rush to the cabin to rescue Ciara and Charlotte. Rex goes to the hospital to be with Kate, leaving Sarah alone with Eric for Valentine's Day.  Jordan knocks out Ben in Ciara's hospital room.  Ted kisses Hope at the hospital.  She tells him not to do it again when Rafe finds them.  Diana tells John that Leo is his son.  John and Marlena have a romantic Valentine's at the Pub.  Gabi finds Leo naked in bed waiting for Sonny.  Sonny and Will meet up and make love.  Tripp and Claire give their relationship another chance.  Chloe and the kids move in with Stefan.  Brady warns Chloe not to move in with Stefan.  Ken Corday sues Sony over the "Days of our Lives" distribution.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Diva of DOOL's 364th Blogtalkradio Show

Join the Diva of Days of our Lives and friends for our 364th Blogtalkradio show as we discuss the last week of episodes and the Daytime Emmy prenominations tonight at 10 pm est live.  Rex confesses to Sarah that he slept with her sister, Noelle.  Sarah is hurt and tries to have sex with Eric, who turns her down.  Sarah ends up in bed with Xander.  Eric walks in on them and gets upset.  Sarah and Eric are close to reconciling when Rex walks in on them.  Xander gets shot down by Brady for a position in Titan after Brady is named CEO.  Xander shows up at Eve's hotel room.  JJ and Jack have a heart to heart at the Pub.  JJ confesses that he has slept with Eve.  Jack confronts Eve, and very quickly moves on from it.  Jack decides to run for mayor, while Jennifer tries to talk him out of it because of skeletons in his closet.  Abe is not happy that Jack is running.  Melinda Trask quits as DA after Abe's office bungles the Xander case.  She announces she's running for mayor.  Haley tells JJ that she's an illegal immigrant.  Brady tries to make a move on Chloe who says she's too busy for a man in her life.  Chad and Stefan are named co-CEO's of DiMera.  Chad tells Abby that he wants to step down as CEO.  Gabi wants control over Gabi Chic.  John has a lead on Leo's mother.  Haley meets Tripp.  Claire and Tripp start kissing. Kate is not happy with Rex cheating on Sarah with her sister.  Ted tries to reconcile with Kate who throws a drink in his face.  Ted asks Hope out to dinner, and she accepts.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Diva of DOOL's 363rd Blogtalkradio Show Tonight

Join the Diva of Days of our Lives and friends tonight for our 363rd BlogTalkRadio Show live at 10 pm est.  There will be lusting tonight!

Leo gives Xander an indecent proposal.  Rafe leaves to go help Sami with Johnny while upsetting Hope.  Rex tells Sarah that he slept with her sister, Noelle.  Sarah kisses Eric to get back at Rex.  Sarah stops Eric from killing Xander.  Xander gets arrested for shooting Marlena.  Sheila gives Xander the password information which leads to him deleting the evidence against him off the police computer.  John has a lead on Leo's mother.  Stefan is arrested and then released for treason.  The DiMera board leaves the CEO position vacant until they decide who should have the position.  Gabi wants Gabi Chic back.  Xander wants to be Titan CEO, and is willing to sleep with Leo to get the job.  JJ figures out Haley and Trask are related.  Haley crashes at JJ's place when Melinda kicks her out of her apartment.  Haley has a session with Marlena in regards to her suicide attempt. Chad and Abby kiss after the Deveraux family dinner. Abby wants nothing to do with Kate.  Eric decides against seeking custody of Holly.