Friday, May 18, 2018

Diva of DOOL's 335th Blogtalkradio Show

Join the Diva of Days of our Lives on May 19th at 10 pm est live for our 335th Blogtalkradio Show.  Topics this week include:  Theresa tries to escape Mexico with Xander, Lucas debates on whether or not to look for Chloe, Vivian dies after Kate shoots her, Kate is fired from DiMera and kicked out of the DiMansion, Abby learns from Gabi that Gabby slept with Stefan and Chad knew about it and didn't tell her, Hope reconsiders her annulment of her marriage to Rafe, John and Marlena plan a wedding, Steve asks Roman to take over at Black Patch, Eve and Brady get engaged, Hope and Rafe investigate Kate over shooting Vivian, Leo is hired by Kate to seduce Sonny for a sexual harrassment suit, and Abigail confesses to killing Andre.

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