Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tuesday's "Don't Tase Me, Bro" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Hope tases the snot out of Dr. Malcolm, Rafe has a heart to heart with Chase, Kate and Eduardo bond over their colorful pasts, Eve agrees to head the musical department at the Horton Center, Ben gives Abby a clue where their baby is, and Abby and her son are reunited. Here are today's live tweets:

1h1 hour ago
Hope's got Dr. Malcolm in an abandoned building and threatens him with a taser. Rafe and Chase talk about Aiden.

Rafe tells Chase that his dad loved him. Chase tells him about his mom killing herself. Hope and Ciara made them feel normal.

Hope's trigger happy with that taser.

Eduardo tells Kate how he's planning on honoring Paige's memory. Eddie tells Kate that Rafe is his son. He asks if she knows Rafe. lol

Ben flashes back to his dad hitting him with a belt. Ben says the baby is some place safe.

Ben tells Abby that motels make him feel safe. Ben flashes back to Jordan abandoning him. Abby tells Roman the baby is in a motel.

Kate tells Eduardo that she had "a connection" with Rafe. He gets the picture. She says they share a granddaughter.

Kate tells Eduardo she has a past too. Eddie suggests they stick to the present and the future. Ciara overhears Rafe and Chase.

Hope's in a parking garage with Dr. Malcolm. He says she's not the woman he did research on. She pulls a knife on him.

Malcolm taunts Hope about moving on with Aiden.

Roman puts Ben on suicide watch. Someone finds the baby. Ciara interrupts Rafe/Chase chat. Rafe asks Ciara to tell Hope to call him.

Rafe leaves. Ciara apologizes for eavesdropping. Dr. Malcolm gets a hand free from the zip tie.

Kate updates Eduardo on Basic Black. Eddie gives Kate his coat. Great chemistry.

Eve's listening to some music, she calls Eddie. She accepts the job to head the program for music at the Horton Center.

Ciara tells Chase she should have been a better friend to him. She asks why he left the Pub when Theo came in.

Ciara wants a pact with Chase for them to help each other get through it. Chase still wants to leave for Chicago.

Hope pulls a gun on Malcolm.

Eddie gets a kiss on the cheek from Kate. He walks into his hotel room where a young woman sitting, "how did you find me?" he says.

Justin asks Abby why Ben killed Serena and Paige. Abby says he killed Wendy too. Abby blames herself.

Malcolm attacks Hope. Chase runs away from Ciara.

The woman has an assignment for Eddie. He says he's out. Abby goes to the hospital with Roman and Justin. Chad hands Abby her son.

Ben sits in jail still in a mental state. Rafe leaves a voice mail for Hope. Dr. Malcolm tries to strangle Hope.

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