Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thursday's "Liam Neeson Has a Stunt Double" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Hope accepts Aiden's proposal, Bo is being tortured, Theresa finds an ally in Kate after Kate gets shot down by Nicole, Daniel doesn't want Nicole working with Brady, Brady doesn't want John working for the ISA, and Chad gets arrested for murder.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

2h2 hours ago
John moves his boxes back into the Marlena's home. Brady tells Theresa to not drink when she's angry. She's not.

Dan cancels plans with Nicole via the phone. Nicole sees Kate at Club TBD and tells her to "drop dead." Kate sits down next to her.

Rafe sees Justin console Eve. Haiden celebrate their engagement. Aiden gets down on one knee and puts the ring on Hope's finger.

Eve leaves. Rafe brings in Chad for questioning. Rafe shows him the flower found by Paige's body that was from the DiMansion.

Chad tells Rafe that he doesn't live in the DiMansion. Theresa tells Brady that Abby likes her designs. Brady agrees.

Brady asks Theresa why she wants Basic Black.

How cheap is Basic Black that Nicole only has $250k is eligible to buy it?

Kate proposes to Nicole for them to buy Basic Black. Aiden promises to Hope that he won't leave her like Bo did.

Bo is chained by his wrists with water thrown at him.

Aiden wants a sleepover. He gets a call and has to leave. Brady visits John and Marlena, and gives Marlena a bouquet.

Brady is not happy with John going back to the ISA. 

Brady: Liam Neeson has a stunt double.

2h2 hours ago
John asks Theresa what she's doing there. Maggie and Daniel discuss an engagement party for Dichole.

Nicole to Kate: I wouldn't work for you if you were the last bitch on Earth.

Justin and Rafe fight over arresting Chad. Aiden tells them to arrest him or let Chad go.

Do I really need to see a commercial for tampons for urine leakage? No, I don't.

With all her rich ex husbands and CEO jobs, how is it that Kate has no money? You'd think she'd learn from her divorce from Victor.

Kate leaves after Nicole shoots her down. Doug and Julie visit Hope. Doug questions her if she has forgotten Bo. Julie is on .

Kate is now outside John's door eavesdropping on John and Theresa discussing Basic Black. John doesn't tell Brady and Marlena.

Nicole tells Daniel that Brady is giving her half the money for BB. Daniel tells her to turn him down. Eve is drinking at the Square.

Eve says she doesn't want the memories of Paige, she wants her. She asks Justin not leave her alone.

Aiden was at the DiMansion that day. He could have had the flower on his shoe.

Hope tells her dad that she just wants to be happy. Julie's ready to start planning a wedding. Bo is being tazed.

Justin offers to drive Eve home. Eve says she's scared to go home. Daniel is afraid Brady will micro manage Nicole.

Nicole asks Daniel if he's jealous of Brady. Brady tells J&M that Theresa does have talent.

Kate offers Theresa a chocolate bar. Theresa: I was told to never take candy from strangers.

Theresa picks Kate's brain on how to make it in business when everyone is against you.

Hope updates Aiden on her talk with Doug and Julie. Hope says Julie wants to get married during Salem's bicentennial celebration.

Kate tells Theresa that they can help each other. Daniel wants Nicole to stop relying on Brady.

John admits to Marlena and Brady that he's using the ISA to find out who he is.

Eve breaks down in tears at her door. Eve and Justin kiss. Chad is put behind bars. Bo is left alone after more torture.

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