Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tuesday's #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Daniel, Brady, and Serena find Ericole, Ben overhears Abby's secret, and Paul finds out he has other reasons to stay in Salem other than Sonny.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

1h1 hour ago
Paul and John talk about Kate's job offer at the hospital. Paul hasn't made up his mind. John wants him to stay in Salem.

Paul apologizes to Brady for being a jerk. Ben tells Sonny that Abby is moving in. Chad asks Abby why she's meeting with him.

Xander keeps texting Daniel to get him to stay in Chicago. Serena followed Dan and didn't find Ericole either. Dan doesn't buy the texts.

Dan demands Serena to tell him what she knows. Ericole are stripped down. Nicole is ready to pass out.

Ben tells Sonny about the first time he saw Abby. Sonny thinks back to meeting Paul. Serena tells Dan that Xander has Ericole as prisoners.

Eric tries to free them.

Paul gives Brady a mitt to give to Tate. Brady welcomes him to the family. Ben leaves and tracks Abby's cell to the DiMansion.

Abby tells Chad that she feels disgusted for what she did. Chad says she couldn't get enough. He says she wants more. She says that's a lie.

Navidad and Xander leave. Dan leaves Victor a message to stop Xander or he will kill Xander himself. Nicole laments she can't tell Dan bye.

Abby tells Chad that he used her. Chad says it was sick of her to sleep with EJ. Ben overhears Chabby discussing having sex.

Paul tells Brady that he hit on Theresa back in the day. Abby tells Chad that she loves Ben. Abby says she is moving in with Ben.

Daniel calls Brady about Ericole and asks them to track them.

Chad tells Abby that she's looking for excuses to avoid moving in with Ben. Chad asks how he's like in bed. She says Ben deserves better.

Chad says she wants him to go public with their affair. Dan and Serena break into Nicole's office when Brady arrives.

Dan wants to go to the boiler room to find out why the heat is so high. Ericole are both passed out. Brady calls the cops.

John and Abe talk about John's family. Abe is still wearing his wedding ring btw. They get called about Ericole. Dan finds the room.

Paul tells Sonny that John, Brady and Tate and his new job will keep him in Salem. Sonny is happy with his decision.

Abby wants Chad to give his word as a DiMera not to spill the beans on their affair. He agrees. Chad says he hopes Ben makes her happy.

Chad shouts that Chabby is over for good, and that Stefano isn't getting what he wanted. Ben leaves. Ericole are found.

Chad gets a call from someone. He tells them to come over. Ben is raging over the Chabby affair when Abby shows up.

Abe and John arrive at the scene. Xander gets shot near the bench at the Square. Eric is talking. Nicole doesn't have a pulse.

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