Monday, June 1, 2015

Monday's "Honesty Hour" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Melanie agrees to leave town so that Brady can raise his son, Wilson play "honesty hour", Paul and Marlena discuss fate, JJ tells Paige why he slept with Eve, and Jennifer and Eve argue.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

1h1 hour ago
Paige blows off JJ. Eve is at Jenn's office blaming Jenn for Paige's life being destroyed. Paul opens the door for Sonny wearing a towel.

Paul was dreaming of Sonny showing up at his hotel room wanting him back. Sonny gets a call from Will. Will misses marital counseling.

Theresa tells Anne that she told Melanie she would move back to LA w/ the baby if Melanie doesn't leave town. Mel tells Brady she's leaving

Brady doesn't want Mel to leave.

Sonny tells Will that their therapy session is rescheduled. Will wants to try something before they do counseling. My guess? 3 some.

JJ has an answer on why he slept with Eve. Eve blames Jenn for blackmailing her into supporting JJaige. Jenn admits she was wrong.

Theresa is discharged, but the baby is not. Anne tells Tre that her plan with Mel isn't going to work.
  31m31 minutes ago
Paul tells Marlena that J&M are hypocrites. Marlena tells him that if John honestly went after her, that Paul wouldn't exist.

Wilson do the honesty hour. Sonny asks where his Taylor Swift t shirt is. Will says he threw it out. Then he asks why he skipped therapy.

Will was scared to go to therapy because he thinks it would give Sonny a reason to leave him. JJ says he doesn't deserve Paige.

Eric breaks up the Jenn/Eve cat fight. Eve says it's only fair that Jenn loses her son then leaves. Eric asks Jenn what happened.

Brady refuses to tell Maggie what is going on. Mel asks Tre to stop using Tate.

Marlena tells Paul that sometimes things happen for a reason. Marlena and Paul discuss fate. JJ thought Paige's love made him decent.

JJ says he can't go on without her. Maggie explains to Brady about Melanie's feelings about family. Brady says they have to let her go

Theresa calls Melanie "a nagging red headed twerp." lol

Melanie tells Theresa that she overplayed her hand. Mel tells her to be good to Tate because he might be her only non-hater.

Paul asks Anne to see Theresa. Paul checks out his nephew, Tate. Will asks if Sonny is still in love with Paul.

Theresa celebrates Mel leaving town. Mel goes back to Daniel's. She hugs Maggie. Maggie leaves to get Daniel and Parker.

Brady tells Mel that he hates Theresa for breaking them up. Mel wants to know if he hates her too. Paige tells JJ to go straight to Hell.

Eric tells Jenn to be careful of Eve. Eve leaves a message for Paige.

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