Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wednesday's "Destroyed" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Adrienne goes back to Lucas after Justin insults her, Paige confronts Eve with the truth, Nicole and Xander are suspicious of each other, and Jennifer throws an early birthday party for Paige.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

 ·  2h 2 hours ago
Paige walks in on Eve. Lucas thinks about Adrienne in bed then texts her. He texts he misses her, she texts him back that she's sorry.

Adrienne walks in on Justin having an intimate sounding phone conversation. Nicole asks Xander what he's doing there.

Jenn gets the surprise birthday party ready for Paige. JJ tells them that he doesn't think Eve will come. Paige tells Eve she's been there.

Kayla offers Dan a ride. That's bad when you can't score with Dr. Dan.

Jenn busts JJ about his new phone. She figures out it has to do with Eve.

Eve tells Paige that she "would never touch her things." lmfao

Justin and Adrienne argue about their lovers. They both say they are being faithful right now. Nicole and Xander both at Daniel's.

Xander wants to tell Dan that he's dating Nicole. Paige asks Eve who she was talking to. Paige says she knows it was JJ.

Justin mocks Adrienne for waiting to have an affair. She's tired of his guilt trip. Adrienne leaves. Xander accuses Nic of avoiding Dan.

JJ thanks Abby for being there for him. JJ's friends show up. Paige asks Eve what she was fighting about with JJ.

Paige tells Eve that she knows she had sex with JJ. Paige is totally fierce.

Eve still denies it. Lucas celebrates his business success on the phone. Adrienne shows up. She lays a kiss on him.

Maintenance guy tells Dan that Nicole was there. Xander goes to Nicole's office. He apologizes for being a jerk.

JJ tells the party that he and Paige were apartment shopping online. Kayla shows up. Eve admits fighting with JJ, but nothing else.

Paige asks Eve if she loves her. She gives Eve one last chance. Eve says she loves her, and she slept with JJ.

Paige figures out that Eve was the secret girlfriend. Lucas asks Adrienne what does it mean that she's back in his bed.

Nicole tells Xander that she's done with Daniel. Too bad it isn't true.

Kayla tells JJ that he takes responsibility for the things he does. Not quite.

Paige says she's done making excuses for Eve. Paige says she destroyed her, then she slaps her mom.

Adrienne tells Lucas that she doesn't know what this is, but she's here. They talk about going public.

Justin makes a call that he will be back to Dubai soon. Nicole wants to figure out the elephant thing asap to get away from Xander.

Xander makes a call that he needs to meet someone soon. Nicole decides to be honest with Dan. She daydreams about telling him.

Nicole has a delusion that Daniel will be happy with the truth. Dan is at Jenn's trying to talk sense into JJ.

Paige disowns Eve, and leaves.

 ·  51m 51 minutes ago
Eve sees the birthday present that Paige didn't open and cries. Nicole decides to blow off dinner with Xander.

 ·  50m 50 minutes ago
Xander has a flunkie follow Daniel to see if Nicole is with him. Eve looks at a baby pic of Paige. Paige shows up at Jenn's.

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