Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thursday's Everybody Loves Paige #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Paige confronts JJ and Jenn, Stefano drops off Marlena, Paul tells John that he knows about the J&M affair, Chad finally asks why Stefano wants him with Abby, Paul tells Sonny that they should be together, and Eve tells Cole to leave town.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

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Chad leaves a message for Stefano. Stefano is on a plane with Marlena. John meets up with Paul at the Square. Paul calls him a hypocrite.

Eve cries over Paige. Paige shows up at JJ's for her surprise party. Cole shows up at Eve's. No one notices Paige is upset.

JJ asks Paige to talk to him.

Jenn asks Paige if she's ok. Marlena tells Stefano that Kristen was planning on killing 4 ppl. Stefano says J&M ruined Kristen.

Sonny meets with Chad. Paul brings up the conference room table to John. Cole asks Eve what happened. JJ promises to be a better person.
Paige knocks the cake to the floor. That's a waste of good cake.

John finds out that Will threw him under the bus. Sonny tells Chad that Paul punched out Will.

Stefano says Kristen died when she lost John's baby. Marlena says Kristen's death was in self defense. Marlena is taken by a goon.

Paige smacks JJ in the face and calls him a liar. Paige tells everyone what he did.

Paul wants John to admit that J&M were in love during their affair. Paul wants to put it out there that he loves Sonny.

Paul asks if/when Marlena said she wanted to work things out with Roman if he doubted that Marlena loved him. No answer.

Marlena gets dropped off disheveled in the Salem Park. Chad joins Stefano in the plane. Paige calls JJ a monster.

JJ denies being with Eve. Paige tells him that she heard them talking about their affair. Dan gives a knowing look to Jenn.

Chad defends himself intervening on Marlena's behalf. Marlena bear hugs John. Paul finds Sonny, Sonny doesn't want to talk to him.

Paul tells Sonny that Will called Tori a whore. Eve wants Cole out of town permanently. He threatens her with prison, she doesn't care

Paige dares JJ to deny it. Rory says, "oh dude!"

JJ will only say that he loves Paige. Jenn wants Paige to stop. Paige figures out that Jenn knew. Smack her Paige!

Chad defends Marlena. Stefano says he'll support Chad if Chad will support him. Marlena tells John a little of what happened.

John updates Marlena on baby Tate. Paul tells Sonny that Will is a liar. Paige calls Jenn "the mother I wished I had."

Paige says Jenn is a liar like Eve. JJ wants Paige to blame him. Paige runs out of the house. JJ sees everyone judging him.

JJ leaves the house. Eve throws Cole out. Eve cries over Paige's photo. Daphne and Rory leave. Rory agrees to stay quiet.

Maggie, Kayla and Dan leave. Abby has questions for Jenn.

J&M relate Paulson to themselves. Sonny tells Paul that caring about him isn't the same as love. Paul wants him to say he doesn't love him.

Stefano tells Chad that his tax charges should be dropped in a week, so he can see his friends soon. lmfao

Chad finally asks why Stefano wants him with Abby. Maggie figures out that Daniel knew too. Eve leaves a voice mail for Paige.

JJ follows Paige to the park. Paige wants to know why he did it.

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