Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday's Whacked #Days Live Tweets

On Tuesday's episode of Days of our Lives, Clyde has the perp whacked in Ben's case, Clint gets Theresa to agree to run away with him, Melanie stows away on Brady's plane, Hope doesn't listen to Aiden when he says he can't discuss his clients with her, Will fakes taking responsibility for his affair, Zoe tells Will to do a profile on Clyde, and Brady finds Kristen.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

 ·  1h 1 hour ago
Haiden wake up in bed together. John finds Paul. Chad finds Sonny asleep on a couch at the Club. Zoe gives Will a new writing assignment.

Clyde wants an update. Ben wants to know if Abby is upset about his past in Florida. Kristen talks to Clint on the phone.

Theresa tells Clint to get out of her face. Brady is on a flight to find Kristen. Melanie is a stowaway.

Chad asks Sonny if Paul is the reason why Wilson hasn't reconciled yet. Paul's grandfather guesses that John is Paul's father.

Zoe tells Will to investigate Clyde Westin. Theresa walks away from Clint.

Chad reminds Sonny of his wedding day. Will agrees to do a profile Clyde if Zoe gives him access to all social media comments about Paul.

Aiden takes a call about Ben's case. Ben talks about the irony of Clyde helping him now to Abby. Kristen talks to the baby.

The baby needs a bone marrow transplant. Theresa is the best match. Clint follows Theresa home. Clint tells her he came into money.

Melanie accidentally inflates the raft in the plane.

Aiden tells Ben that he won't need to be questioned about Florida because the man he was associated with was stabbed to death.

Clyde finds out about the stabbing he set up. Hope questions Ben's luck. Aiden shoots her down. Theresa gets a bracelet from Clint.

Clint shows Theresa a check.

Sonny comes home. Will finally admits the affair was his fault, not Paul's. John tells Paul he was never really a priest.

John talks about his past with Tori to Paul. Brady's plane lands. Kristen tells the baby that she's going to get rid of Theresa for good.

John apologizes for believing Will over Paul. John wants to start over with Paul. Will wants to go to counseling with Sonny.

Aiden tells Hope again that they can't discuss his clients. Clyde hears from Ben that the perp was killed in prison.

Abby tells Chad the update about Ben. Chad tells her someone got paid to kill the guy in jail. Theresa agrees to leave with Clint.

Clint calls Kristen to say Theresa is leaving with him.

Sonny wants to really talk with Will. Will tells Zoe that he wants to do another story on Paul.
Ben doesn't figure out that Clyde had the guy whacked. Abby tells Chad about how EJ tried to get Nick whacked.

Melanie manages to stab the raft. Brady surprises Kristen.

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