Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday's Earth Day #Days Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Marlena finds out John left town, Haiden and Lucas/Adrienne celebrate Earth Day with sex, Lucas finds out Kate stabbed him in the back, Adrienne confesses to Sonny, Ben meets with Aiden about his case, and Will refuses to take responsibility for his marriage falling apart.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

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Why is Stefano still on the phone? Aiden goes over Ben's case with Abby. Aiden asks Abby to leave them alone to talk.

 ·  1h 1 hour ago
Hope tells Marlena that John left town. Marlena didn't know. Sonny goes home. Will wants Sonny to yell at him.

Clyde joins Kate at Victor's club. Victor knocks on Adrienne's door, and tells Lucas that he's fired. L&A wonder if Vic taped them.

Adrienne figures out Kate told Victor. Sonny asks if Will will stop blaming Paul for what Will did. Sonny wants no more lies.

Lucas and Adrienne talk to Victor about their affair. Lucas tells Vic that Justin was cheating. Stefano and Chad discuss what is next.

Victor gives Adrienne 24 hours to tell Justin the truth. Hope asks if J&M are ok. Hope figures out the J&M problem is about Will & Paul.

Of course, a thunderstorm is messing with my dish signal.

Dish is totally out due to the flash flood that just hit my house. This always happens during .

Ben wants to talk to Abby. She leaves saying they are ok. Aiden joins Hope at the Square. Hope lays a kiss on him. She says she's happy.

Sonny meets Adrienne at the bench. Sonny asks if Justin is cheating. Victor wants Kate to take over Mad World. Kate plays dumb.

Victor tells Kate that she stabbed her own son in the back.

Aiden gets room service for Hope. Chabby talk. Abby warns Chad about Zoey. Marlena stops by the Wilson apartment.

Will tells Marlena that John left to find Paul. Sonny asks Adrienne if she's sleeping with Lucas. Kate denies she backstabbed Lucas.

Damn! Victor had Lucas listening the entire time. Well played Victor.

Ben updates Clyde on his meeting with Aiden. Chad tells Abby that she doesn't look happy. She leaves, he smiles.

Will compares Paul to Kristen. Marlena compares him to Sami.

Adrienne tells Sonny that Kate and Victor know about her affair with Lucas. Lucas tells Kate that her job means more to her than him.

Haiden celebrates Earth Day with sex. lol So did Adrienne and Lucas.

Clyde questions Ben why he left Florida when he did. Chad calls Zoey to have Will write about Clyde. Kate offers to rehire Lucas.

Lucas talks about when Kate burned down the K-Mansion. Lucas refuses to work with her. Kate says he has no relationship with Adrienne.

Lucas cuts Kate out of his life. Adrienne tells Sonny that Vic fired Lucas. Will thinks Paul will be back for Sonny, not for John.
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