Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tuesday's "Some Things Are Not Meant To Be" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Will thinks Sonny is leaving to see Paul, Clyde threatens Will to not write an article on him, Chad admits his feelings to Abby, Abby starts fantasizing about Chad, John fights to be in Paul's life, and Kristen continues with her plan when Marlena shows up.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

 ·  1h 1 hour ago
Sonny gets an envelope with Paul's address on it. Marlena is on a plane. Chabby kiss. Kristen offers to fill Theresa in on what's going on.

Abby breaks up the Chabby kiss. Mel tries to untie herself.

Chad accuses Abby of wanting to be alone with him. Will tells Clyde that he's going to Poplar Bluff for background on him.

Sonny calls about flights. Marlena sends an email that she's going to see John. Melanie apologizes 2 Brady for getting them in trouble

Kristen tells Theresa that she's getting pay back for all her misdeeds. Kristen injects a syringe into Theresa.

Brelanie exchange "I love you's." Melanie gets untied.

Paul tells John about the hate mail he's getting. Abby says Chad was just with Jordan. Chad says he's not taking a vow of celibacy. lol

Clint carries an unconscious Theresa down to the basement. Melanie asks what they did to her and to them.

Paul tells John about the positive experiences he has had since he came out. Paul tells John that he doesn't want him around.

Clyde reminds Will that his affair went public too. Will claims to be an objective writer. Clyde says he'll do what he has to do.

Chad tells Abby he came back for revenge on her. Chad says he will do anything to be with her again. Abby accuses him of going after Ben.

Theresa gets tied up to Melanie, while Brady is taken out. Theresa comes to. Brady is tied up in the nursery. Kristen tells him goodbye.

Chad denies getting the Florida cops after Ben. Damn...Chad tells Abby that he wants to make love to her all night long. *swoon*.

Chad unlocks the door, Abby leaves. Clyde joins Kate at the Club. Will thanks Marlena electronically. He overhears Sonny on the phone.

Will thinks Sonny is leaving to be with Paul. John wants to get to know Paul. Kristen shows Brady his son. Kristen sits in Brady's lap

Kristen tells Brady "some things are not meant to be."

Paul tells John that he doesn't need a father. Marlena sees Will's email. Will tells Sonny to "go for it" with Paul.

Kate offers to talk to Will about his profile with Clyde. Abby lays a kiss on Ben. Chad sits alone in the dark.

Theresa gets another syringe. Mandrake takes her. Clint takes Brady away.

Abby is in bed with Ben, but imagines he's Chad. Brady is back with Melanie. Clint pulls his gun. Theresa hears the baby cry.

Will confesses he sent Marlena to keep Paul in San Francisco. Paul asks someone what they are doing there.

Kristen opens the door and sees Marlena.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday's "Mother of the Year" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Kristen holds Brady, Melanie, and Theresa hostage, Adrienne and Kate slap it out, Clyde tells Ben not to share his past with Abby, Chad kisses Abby, and Will tells Clyde that he's going to do a profile on him.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

 ·  4h 4 hours ago
Brady wants a DNA test on the baby. Kristen and Mandrake pull guns on Brelanie. Abby overhears Kate saying she's back at Mad World.

Lucas tells Adrienne that Kate was the one who told Victor about them. Chad updates Stefano over the phone about Ben's case.

Clyde wants Ben to tell him everything about his past life. Will looks for dirt on Paul. Zoe tells him to work on Clyde.

Theresa tells Clint that she can't get off the plane. Mandrake knocks out Brady.

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Daytime Emmys Live Tweets Recap

This year's Daytime Emmys gave Emmy gold to Freddie Smith (Sonny Kiriakis) and the cast and crew of Days of our Lives for Outstanding Daytime Drama.  Here are my live tweets:

 ·  2h 2 hours ago
My eyes! My eyes!

Tyra channeling Tina Turner from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

Pretty sure Amelia Heinle said "wtf?" when she won. lol Congrats!

I didn't even know Craig Ferguson had a game show.

I f*cking hate morning talk shows.

That's sweet to have a fan present on stage.

No clips for supporting actors. Chad Duell wins.

Love the clips during the song montage: J&M pier reunion, Stayla, Lexie dying in Abe's arms, Wilson wedding, Ejami grief sex.

LIfetime Achievement award presentation to Betty White.

Regis looks ancient.

I had no idea Betty White could sing.

How does Charro not age?

Tyra's wardrobe consists mostly of two outfits randomly sewn together.

Outstanding younger actor winner is..........Freddie Smith!

Great acceptance speech by

Outstanding Younger Actress winner is.....Hunter King.

"Fiercer" should never be used as a word again ever.

This is the first show I've enjoyed in years stone cold sober.

B&B won for best direction.

Allan Thicke is skeevy always.

Best writing team goes to... The Bold and the Beautiful.

Guy, Freddie, and Christopher presenting in the game show category. Guy totally lost his voice. Jeopardy wins.

Melissa Claire Egan's dress is a no.

Apparently is still on the air and won an award.

Queen Dee presenting the 50th anniversary .

Tears got jerked. cast on stage.

Joan Rivers clips being shown.

Melissa Rivers getting a standing ovation. She's crying. Joan only one an Emmy for her daytime talk show.

Babyface is singing for those who were lost this year.
Ralph Waite's death was recognized.

I love Charles Keating.

Again, parts of Tyra's outfit is missing.

5 fans won a cruise. That's awesome.