Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday's "Nailed It" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Daniel and Nicole break up again without totally being together in the first place, JJ confesses to Daniel about sleeping with Eve, Serena tries to make a deal with Xander, Nicole and Xander talk, Eve and Cole team up to break up JJaige, Sonny thanks Paul for saving his life, and Sonny tells Will that Paul was his blood donor.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

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Ben shows up at Abby's with a bouquet of flowers and an apology. Serena calls Xander to plan a meeting. Nicole shows up at Daniel's.

Dan wants to apologize to Nicole. Paige sees JJ's text that he wants Dan to call. Eve makes a plan with Cole to keep JJaige apart.

Rafe visits Will and Ari. Will sees that Sonny is not in bed. Sonny shows up at Paul's hotel room asking to talk.

Dan apologizes for being rude to Nicole. She accepts his apology. He refuses to tell her what is up with Jennifer.

Abby tells Ben that his accusations are true. Paige wants JJ to meet her mom again. Nicole tells Dan that he's not sharing with her.

Dan tells her Eric is the reason why he doesn't share info with her. Rafe wants to know what is up with Wilson.

Sonny asks Paul why he didn't mention to him that he saved his life.

Serena wants Xander to agree to not telling Eric what happened in exchange for the diamonds. Nicole wants to end Dichole.

JJ shows up at Daniel's. Nicole leaves. Will assures Rafe that everything is fine. Paul tells Sonny the blood donation story.

Paul tells Sonny that Adrienne knew he donated the blood. Tori shows up to Paul's room. Sonny tells her that Paul saved his life.

Abby tells Ben vaguely about the brain tumor lie from Chad. Ben asks if Chad is the reason that she won't move in with him.

If Xander thought that Serena was going to wrap up the diamond storyline today, then obviously he doesn't watch .

Serena leaves. Xander pounds the table. Nicole tells him that he's having the same day as her. Paige and Eve meet at Club TBD.

Daniel wants to talk about Eve and Paige with JJ.

Eve offers to have dinner with JJaige and Jenn. Eve leaves for the dentist. Cole shows up. JJ admits he slept with Eve to Daniel.

Ben rescinds his offer for Abby to move in with him. She says he's still bothered by her relationships with EJ and Chad.

Sonny comes home. Wilson open their gift from Gabi. Sonny tells Will he met with Paul. Serena tells Nicole about how she knows Xander.

Serena leaves. Nicole tells Xander that he shouldn't be friends with her if he's friends with Serena. Cole apologizes to Paige.

Paige says she'll stay friends with Cole. JJ tells Dan that he tried to permanently end things with Paige. He says Jenn fixed it.

Abby says her eyes are wide open about Chad. Abby kisses Ben. Nicole tells Xander that she doesn't get along with Serena.

Xander wants to meet with Nicole again. She leaves. Paige leaves Cole. Dan is worried how the whole secret will fall apart.

Cole calls Eve and tells her that he "nailed it." Paul asks Tori about her meeting Sonny. She tells him to move on from Sonny.

Paul asks Tori if she met Will. Will takes responsibility for his affair finally. Sonny tells Will that Paul was his blood donor.

Will hugs Sonny, but Will's steaming inside.

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