Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday's "Dirty Paws" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Lucas and Adrienne spend time at the Horton house, Abby tries to talk Jenn out of breaking into Eve's apartment, Marlena also attempts to talk some sense into Will, Tori avoids John, Paul and Sonny talk about what happened, Roxanne ends her fake relationship with JJ, and Jennifer busts Eve and JJ in bed.  I will be live tweeting tomorrow too.  Tweet me!

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Marlena shows up at the Wilson apartment. Will is a total nervous wreck. Sonny gets discharged. Tori found a new pt for Paul.

Sonny calls Paul and wants to see him. Paige is at the K-Mansion for charity work w Maggie. Jenn thinks of breaking into Eve's place

Eve and JJ plan a hook up. Adrienne shows up at Jenn's with Lucas opening the door. Paul agrees to meet with Sonny.

Paul tells Tori he is going to meet Sonny. Tori's jaw hits the floor when she sees John. Abby sees Jenn has Eve's keys.

Roxanne wants to stop the ruse with JJ. She tells Eve that Eve is obsessed with JJ.

Adrienne says she came over to unwind. I'm sure Lucas can help her with that. ;)

Will tells Sonny wants more space. Marlena tells him to give it to him. Will is mad that Sonny didn't tell him about proposing to Paul

Eve eavesdrops on JJ and Roxanne. Roxanne says their game is blowing up in their faces. Abby offers to return Eve's keys.

Jenn confesses to Abby that she plans to break into Eve's apartment.

Adrienne didn't want 2 admit she wanted to see Lucas. Lucas tells her he crossed the line by kissing her. Lucas says he wants to protect her

Will tells Marlena that Sonny married him because he was desperate to get married. Paul shows up at Sonny's room.

Sonny wants the truth about Will and Paul. Maggie and Paige go through donated clothes. She recognizes JJ's coat.

Jenn tells Abby that Eve's "dirty paws" all over the Jaige breakup. Roxanne tells JJ that Jenn called her parents about them dating.

Tori wants to sneak out of Club TBD. I could not be less interested in Tori and her secrets.

Adrienne tells Lucas she has to pick up Sonny. Marlena asks if Will feels threatened by Paul. Will feels used by Sonny.

Marlena tells Will that Wilson got married 2 years after Sonny broke up with Paul. She tells him that he's shifting blame to Sonny.

Paul and Sonny talk about how the Paul/Will hook up was sheer coincidence. Jenn tells Abby about Roxanne.

Eve doesn't like Roxanne calling her names behind her back.

Paul confirms it only happened once with Will, but Paul tried for seconds. Paul tells Sonny that Will loves him.

Roxanne hits on JJ. He puts on the brakes. Eve follows them to Roxanne's hotel room. Jenn thinks Roxanne is connected to Eve.

So Jenn is planning to do stuff Nicole gets trashed for?

JJ puts on the red light to Roxanne. ;)

Roxanne tells JJ that he is on his own, then leaves. JJ yells at Eve that she ruined everything.

Adrienne reminds Lucas that she owned her own construction company while he tries to fix the Horton fireplace. Lucas is covered in soot.

Tori sneaks out while John talks to a bartender. Then she runs into Marlena and takes off. Eve calls Roxanne "a piece of fluff."

JJ tells Eve that she was jealous of Roxanne. JJ starts undressing. They start going at it on the bed. Paige is waiting for a text from Eve.

Paige tells Maggie about her relationship with her mom. Maggie insists she find her mom. Eve wants to go to her place.

J&M meet up at the Club and discuss Paul and Tori. Tori sees them laughing at Marlena's phone. Lucas wipes off soot from Adrienne.

Paul asks Sonny if he married Will because he couldn't have him. Paige goes home.

Jennifer walks in on Eve and JJ in bed.

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