Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday's "Cheating in a Marriage Means Something" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Wilson fight over Paul, Melanie almost pieces together what happened to the Thrady baby, Lucas taunts Kate about her unemployment, Ben and Abby argue about Chad playing her, and John tells Wilson that their anniversary party is the same night as Paul's benefit.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

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Kate is at Victor's club. A girl snaps her pic. Chabby run into each other at the hospital. Lucas talks to Adrienne at the Square.

Adrienne tells Lucas that Will cheated on Sonny with Paul. Will interrupts Sonny and Paul. Sonny asks why Will banned Paul from Sonny.

Theresa reads a goodbye letter from Clint. Melanie starts to figure out what Clint was up to.

Adrienne and Lucas fight over their sons. Sonny is offended that Will thinks he would go back to Paul.

Ben tells Kate that he will cut her slack since she helped break up Jordan/Chad. Kate warns Ben about Chad going after Abby.

"Cheating in a marriage means something," Adrienne. Lucas asks if she's still talking about Wilson.

Theresa gets dressed up to go out. Eve shows up at her door. Maggie interrupts a discussion between Brelanie.

Kate tells Ben, "Chad is a Dimera. The DiMeras always get exactly what they want."

Lucas tells Adrienne that Wilson's marital problems shouldn't affect their friendship. She leaves. John interrupts the Wilson/Paul fight.

John tell Wilson that their wedding anniversary is the same night as the benefit.

Brelanie tell Maggie that they are fine. Brady tells Mel that he wants her to stop dealing with Theresa. Eve asks what's wrong w Tre.

Eve figures out that Tre's upset about Clint. Abby joins Ben at the club. Abby gives Ben a printout of reviews of Jack's book.

Ben figures out Chad emailed the quotes to Abby. Lucas joins Kate at the Square. Lucas tells Kate her running DiMera wouldn't last.

Melanie tells Maggie that she's concerned about the attacks on Theresa and Brady. John walks into the K-Mansion.

John isn't happy that he heard about Brady's attack from someone else. Paul insists he's leaving Salem after the benefit.

Wilson argue on whether or not Paul staying in town is a problem. They both accuse each other of wanting Paul.

Lucas asks Kate if she's going to ask Victor for her old job at Mad World. Ben wants an answer on whether or not Abby will move in.

Maggie asks Mel what does Theresa's pregnancy scare have to do with the attacks on Thrady. Mel thinks she maybe sabotaging Brelanie.

Sarah texts Maggie. Sarah was approached about being a surrogate and wants Maggie's advice. Tre tells Eve that she's emotional.

Lucas wants nothing to do with working under Kate again.

Abby asks Ben if he read Jack's book. Ben asks if EJ read it too.

Chad tells Sonny that Paul was the blood donor. Paul talks to Adrienne. Will gets on his laptop pissed off.

Ben apologizes to Abby for the EJ dig. She leaves. Work prevents him from going after her. Chad kisses Sonny on the head. No kidding.

Will plans on announcing that Paul is a DiMera. John tells Brady that Marlena is "the love of his life." He wants to double date.

Melanie starts looking up things about surrogacy. Theresa tells Eve that she feels like she's missing something, but doesn't know what

Melanie thinks someone is a surrogate for Thrady, then throws away her notes. A baby is rocking in a cradle.

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