Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday's "Meddling Psychiatrist" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, everyone learns about Chad's involvement of Rafe's firing, Wilson have a heart to heart, Tori reacts oddly towards Marlena, Hope asks Marlena about childhood repressed memories, and Kate and Marlena talk about their grandson.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

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Hope talks to Ciara on the phone. Aiden tells her that Salem finally feels like home. Ben has his first night on the job at Victor's club.

Chad tells Jordan at the hospital that he misses her. Kate interrupts their conversation. Tori has an odd reaction to Marlena.

Wilson continue to argue over Will's affair. Aiden leaves to meet Ben.

That awful Pac-Man music is back at Victor's Club.

Rafe is afraid Jordan will go back to Chad. Kate tells Chad that he's not going to get Jordan back. Wilson argue about Sonny's proposal.

Will figures out that Sonny moved back to Salem right after Paul turned down his marriage proposal.

Tori refuses to talk to Marlena, and leaves. Paul leaves Marlena. Sonny says he didn't leave Paul because of the proposal.

Sonny left Paul because he didn't want to be Paul's secret anymore. Ben says he won't repeat what Chad said to him at the trial.

Chad taunts Kate about Rafe's firing. Kate connects the dots that Chad got Rafe fired. Jordan overhears and asks if it is true.

Will asks Sonny why Paul thinks that Sonny still loves him. Tori refers to Marlena as a "meddling psychiatrist."

Paul asks Tori how she knows Marlena's profession. Hope updates Marlena at Club TBD. Hope remembers Ciara being kidnapped.

Hope wonders if Ciara will remember her kidnapping. Chad denies getting Rafe fired. Jordan walks off.

Chad admits to Jordan that he got Rafe fired because he thought Rafe was trying to get Jordan back. Jordan breaks up with him.

Marlena tells Hope not to push it if Ciara never talks about her kidnapping. Tori says she looked up info on the hospital online.

Paul tells Tori that he won't be talking to Marlena anymore. She wants to go home to San Francisco. Paul's not leaving.

Will tells Sonny that Paul won't give up on him. Sonny figures out that Kate told Will to be quiet about the affair.

Sonny tells Will that Paul was after him since he got in Salem, but Sonny stayed faithful to his marriage.

Hope tells Aiden what she talked about with Marlena. Jordan joins Abby at the Club and tells her she dumped Chad.

Jordan wants to talk to Rafe about Chad getting him fired. She tells him that Jad is over. Paul asks Tori if she only cares about pitching.

Marlena asks Kate how Sonny is doing. Will admits he wasn't wearing his wedding ring. Sonny asks if Will has been with Paul again.

Hope tells Aiden that Ciara was kidnapped. I forgot that Ciara's kidnapping storyline was a rip off of "Ransom."

Aiden asks if Hope talked to Marlena because of Chase killing his mother, & she says yes. Rafe tells Jordan that Chad wasn't pursing charges

Jordan asks how her break up with Chad will affect Ben's case. Kate and Marlena discuss the Wilson/Paul triangle.

Chad admits to Abby that he never intended to fall for Jordan. He leaves without fully explaining. Paul says Tori raised him as a single mom

Tori agrees to stay in Salem. Sonny tells Will to leave. Will tells him that he will always love him.

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