Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tuesday's "Boring Ass Paige" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Eve keeps interfering with Paige's life, Theresa tells JJ to own being a player, Paul comes out to his mother, Hope is stuck in Aiden's cabin over night, and Chad tries to make amends to Abby and Jordan. You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

 ·  58m 58 minutes ago
Join late. Hope lost her passport at Aiden's cabin. Eve tells JJ that Paige will be more determined to find out who JJ slept with.

Cole tells Paige he'll do anything for her. Hope finds her passport. Anne wants to discuss with Jordan her private life.

Anne tells Jordan to get Chad and Ben to call a truce. Chad apologizes for his comments about Abby/Jordan. Ben says he's full of shit.

Chad tells Abby and Ben that he messes up every relationship that he's had. And he thought he lost Jordan when he provoked the fight.

Sonny tells Paul that there's someone out there for him now that he's out. Sonny leaves.

Abby wants to be alone with Chad. She wants to know what Jordan did to make him upset. She knows what Jordan did.

Will drops off his article to Paul. Paige chickens out on asking Cole for a favor. Then she says what she wants to do.

JJ wants to Eve to keep Cole away from Paige. She tells him not to worry about it, and shuts the door.

Derrick brings tea to Paul's room. Will wants Paul to hurry up and read the article. Paul wants it out there that he slept with Will.

Hope is no hurry to leave. Aiden is trying to get her out of there. Eve wants to talk to Paige at Salem U.

Eve questions Paige why she's making the same mistake. Theresa asks JJ who his new girlfriend is, and when he'll cheat on her too.

Hope hears from her driver that the bridge is out until tomorrow. Sonny waits on Cole at the Club. Paul says he was joking about the truth. (Derrick, not Cole.)

Chad apologizes again to Abby. He promises to get Ben out of trouble with the police. Abby agrees to keep what he said a secret.

Ben tells Chad to leave, he does. Paige tells Eve that Cole is just a friend. Paige asks if Eve knows about Cole via JJ.

Eve says she learned about Cole from Mary Beth. JJ tells Theresa to "go play in traffic." I'm glad to see Tre involved w/ JJ's story.

Chad gives Jordan flowers. He tells her that the DA is still going after Ben. Derrick orders green tea at the Club.

Paul's mom calls. She wants to know what the mystery is. Paige wants Eve to treat her like an adult.

Paige says Eve was the one who ruined Jaige. Thanks Eve!

Theresa asks JJ what he saw in "boring ass Paige."

Theresa tells JJ to "own" that he's a player.

Hope brings her heavy luggage in while Aiden watches. It's awkwardly funny. Why didn't he help her? lol

Hope's trying to find cell reception outside. Aiden holds his axe. Again, I find this very funny. lol

Paige blames Eve for sending her to California and JJ cheating while she's gone. Cole watches JJ talk to Theresa.

Ben asks Abby if she agreed not to talk to Jordan about what Chad said. Abby tells Ben that Jordan will make her own choices.

 ·  16m 16 minutes ago
Chad tells Jordan he will keep her updated on Ben's case. Paul asks his mom not to be disappointed with him.

Will overhears Paul come out to his mom over the phone. Sonny doesn't want to talk about Paul to Derrick.

Derrick talks to Will's pic on the magazine saying, "I bet you are having a good time right now." Sonny asks what he said.

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