Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday's "You Asked for It" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Chad cannot get the charges dropped against Ben, Theresa gives Paige advice on how to find out who JJ's other woman is, JJ tells Paige that he is still with the other woman, JJ tells Eve what he told Paige, Sonny returns Paul's baseball and encourages him to go after his new guy, and Abby overhears that Chad told Ben that Jordan is better in bed than her.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

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Aiden is in his old summer cabin with Chase. Hope and Ciara are there too. Sonny gets a call at work from Paul. Paul wants a favor.

Ben is worried about missing Clyde. Jordan tells Ben the charges against him are dropped by Chad. JJ wants Abby's advice.

Eve overhears Paige telling someone over the phone about taking JJ back. Hope asks Aiden if he wants her and Ciara gone.

Paige tells Eve that she told JJ that she can move on with him w/o knowing who the other girl was. Theresa overhears JJ saying he cheated.

Abby goes after Theresa. Theresa mentions EJAbby. Theresa figures out that Paige thought she was the other woman.

Theresa tells JJ to stay away from Paige. Aiden is fine with Hope and Ciara staying. Jordan tells Ben that Chad instigated the fight.

Ben tells Jordan that it's sick that Chad went after him because of what she did. Ben guesses she's reconciling with Chad.

John asks Chad what he said to start the fight. He didn't answer. John calls the prosecutor. Paul tells Sonny about his family.

Paul wants the baseball back from Sonny of his only home run to give to his grandfather. Will calls Paul about the article.

Aiden talks about the fights he had with his wife, and how she used to rub it in that she was the breadwinner. Now he has her money.

Theresa sees Eve texting, and asks who she's banging.

Jordan confesses to kissing Rafe. Ben gets on her for going back to Chad. She gets mad, and leaves. The DA wants to move forward w/ case.

Sonny gets his baseball and sneaks it into his pocket then leaves. Sonny tells Will that he is happy they worked their stuff out.

Theresa tells Eve that JJ cheated on Paige. She wants to team up with Eve to find out who the other girl is.

JJ tells Paige that he's still seeing the other woman.

Sonny gives Paul his home run ball back. Paul tells him he should have given up baseball for him. Chase and Ciara leave for their trip.

Hope leaves the cabin. Aiden gets out his axe. Theresa says JJ is hot to Eve. Eve calls Theresa "hateful" and leaves.

JJ tells Paige that she "asked for it." And that they are not getting back together.

Jordan tells Abby what happened with Rafe/Chad/Ben. Abby warns Jordan about getting back with Chad. Jordan says Ben needs to deal with it.

Chad pays Ben a visit. Chad tells Ben that the cops won't let Ben off the hook. John warns Will that he may testify.

John asks Will if Wilson is ok. Sonny catches that Paul told someone about them. Paige wants advice from Theresa.

JJ tells Eve that "it is all fixed." She wants him to back away from her.

Abby overhears what Chad said to Ben to provoke the fight. She says to Chad, "you bastard." I guess she didn't like hearing Jordan's better.

Will tells John that Wilson is god. Sonny asks about the guy Paul was confessing to. Sonny tells him to go after that guy.

Paul tells Sonny that other guy, "isn't you."

Theresa tells Paige to see who JJ is texting to figure out who the other woman is. JJ tells Eve that he told Paige the affair is ongoing.

Hope returns to Aiden's cabin. Aiden hides the axe.

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