Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday's "Great Job Kiriakis" #Days Live Tweets

Not much happened on today's episode of Days of our Lives. Read it and weep:

 ·  1h 1 hour ago
Ben is late meeting Abby at their love nest. Dan and Maxine have cider at the hospital. Maxine wants to know what happened w Nicole.

Serena and Nicole run into each other outside the Pub. Serena calls Nicole, "pathetic." Sonny thinks about Paul. Will and Paul toast.

Brelanie kiss outside the K-Mansion.

Magic interrupt Brelanie. Paul gets a call. Sonny thinks about asking Paul for money in person.

I last watched on Wednesday. Obviously I missed nothing from Friday's eppy judging on what I'm watching today.

Victor is demanding that Brelanie party with them. Dan tells Maxine that his date wasn't ready to move on. Kayla brings Bob to the Pub.

Kayla's online date is a dud. Serena wants Nicole to stay away from her. Serena tells Nicole that she "has real serious issues."

Paul says he didn't tell his mom about his arm. Will tells Paul to try something new.

Derrick tells Sonny that Paul is with someone. Will asks Paul if he's ready to settle down. Mel leaves to take a call. Vic asks what is up.

Melanie asks Dan if he's ok. Serena calls Nicole "selfish to the core."

Babby kiss. Derrick hits on Sonny. Brady tells Magic that something happened that took them by surprise.

Eric catches Nicole telling Serena to "shut the hell up." Yeah, he's not happy.

Sonny toasts to himself for "losing everything. Great job Kiriakis." Will leaves Paul's hotel room. Mel says she got into a fight with Dan.

Mel says Brady helped her through her fight with Dan. Brady insists on driving Melanie home. Eric wants Nicole out of his life for good.

Babby discuss New Year's resolutions. Ben tells Abby he loves her. Brady wants to talk about the kiss. Mel says she kissed him back.

Serena won't invite Eric into her room because "Nicole" would be there with them. Nicole wants to talk to Daniel.

Nicole is afraid Daniel will eventually dump her for someone better.

Derrick tells Paul that Sonny was there looking for him. Will is home. Sonny is asleep on the couch. Will gives him a peck on the cheek.

Eric leaves. Serena checks her safe. Dan tells Nicole that he decides who he dates. Maxine needs Dan for a patient.

Brelanie agree to forget the kiss. Wish I could.

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