Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday's "Hillbilly Beau" #Days Live Tweets

Finally got to live tweet Days of our LivesYou should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

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Live tweeting . Sorry it won't be as much fun as live tweeting Tom Brady's press conference.

Vic refuses to sell back his DiMera shares to Kate. He calls Clyde, "her hillbilly beau."

Aiden tells Hope that he's "all about the future." Serena wants to talk to Daniel. Marlena shows up at Eric's place.

Marlena warns Eric that Serena needs to know what she's dealing with Nicole. Nicole meets with her source about Serena.

Eve and JJ kiss at the Horton house.

Nicole's source says Serena stole credit for his work. He calls Serena, "a bitch on wheels." Rory spies Paige talking to a guy.

Rory isn't happy with Paige talking to a guy. Jenn is outside her front door while JJ and Eve kiss.

Rory questions Paige talking to bad boy Cole. Paige asks Rory if he knows why Jjaige broke up. Eve opens the door for Jenn.

Jeremiah wants Clyde to talk to Victor instead of going nuclear. Victor tells Kate that "things have gone way past ugly" with Clyde.

Serena wants to tell Daniel what she intends to do to Nicole.

Nicole gets warned that Serena will destroy evidence if she thinks Nicole is investigating her. Serena agrees to not talk about Nicole w Dan

Daniel agrees to the friendship conditions with Serena. Aiden won't tell Chase about the beach house being sold, then he overhears.

"Clyde Westin of Poplar Bluff is no Stefano DiMera," says Victor to Kate.

Jenn asks why Eve is there. Jenn throws her out quickly. Jenn wants to know what is up with Eve.

JJ confirms there is something Jennifer doesn't know about Eve.

Hope tries to get Ciara out of the Pub, but she wants peach pie. lol Aiden tells Chase the beach house is sold.

Kate tells Clyde about her meeting with Victor. Eve visits Paige at school. Paige asks why she's there. Nicole goes to Dan's.

Nicole says she can live with Daniel not despising Serena. lol

Serena is at Eric's door. Chase wants to go back to the beach house one last time. Aiden agrees.

Paige tells Eve she thought JJ slept with Theresa. Eve tells her to move on. JJ tells Jenn that he's concerned with Paige and Cole.

Jennifer wants JJ and Paige to reunite.

Damon tells Victor that 2 of his workers got contacted to work with Clyde. Eric and Serena agree to meet later, then she tongue rapes him.

Dichole start kissing then he mentions talking to Serena. Nicole wants make up sex. He's ready, then she gets a call.

Paige tells Eve she won't move on until she knows who JJ slept with. Chase invites Hope and Ciara to the beach house. Aiden says no.

Sounds like Victor wants a hit put on Clyde. Clyde tells Kate that he doesn't want her help. Clyde finds out Ben got arrested.

Daniel is in the shower. Serena is at his door. Nicole wants to talk to her.

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