Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wednesday's "God I Hate This Town" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Nicole gets busted again, Chad confesses to Jordan, Eric wants to take things slowly with Serena, Melanie is nervous around Brady, JJ breaks up with Paige again, and Jenn threatens Eve.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

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Jordan tells Chad she talked to Melanie today. Chad tells Jordan that he did lie to Mel. Mel's at the K-Mansion with Maggie.

Brady tells Mel that he was just thinking about her. Eric shows up at Serena's hotel room. Dan joins Nicole at Club TBD.

Paige calls JJ. She's mad that he's not returning her calls. She asks what changed between them. Jenn and Eve eavesdrop.

Brady says Mel isn't happy to see him. JJ agrees to meet Paige at the park. Jenn wants to know what is going on.

Jordan asks why Chad didn't tell her about Mel in the first place. Chad says he kept Gabi's secret about Melanie's kidnapping.

Maggie cancels Mel's shopping trip because of an AA member. Mel refuses to go shopping with Brady. zzzzzzzzzzzz

Serena is wearing Eric's old Packers shirt which is odd since he grew up in Colorado. You'd think he would be a Broncos fans.

Daniel gives Nicole tickets to the mayor's ball. He confirms they are going on their first date. He asks if she's ready to start dating.

Paige leaves Eve without telling her much. JJ tells Jenn that Jaige is over. Jenn asks if Eve has something to do with the breakup.

JJ leaves. Jenn doesn't buy that Eve wasn't involved with the break up.

Jaige meet at the park. JJ apologizes. They hug. Serena is laying on her bed, Eric wants to leave. He says he's too tempted.

Eric wants to take it slow. Daniel thinks Nicole isn't ready to let Eric go. Eric overhears the story about Nic being in Serena's room

Chad tells Jordan that he beat up Nick, and signed an agreement to keep quiet about Gabi. Melanie introduces herself to Eve.

Dan wants to talk to Jenn at the hospital. JJ tells Paige that they are not getting back together. Eric confronts Nicole.

Chad tells Jordan that he's trying to learn from past mistakes. Brady tells Maggie that he's getting a weird vibe from Melanie.

Melanie and Eve argue in the Square. Mel leaves. Eve says, "God I hate this town."

Daniel tells Jenn that he's dating Nicole. Jenn says she's not surprised. She says she's happy for them. Dan is asked to work.

Eric tells Nicole to stay out of his life. Nicole thinks Melanie ratted her out.

Eve tells Jenn if she keeps frowning like that, that she will get even more wrinkles.

JJ tells Paige that he's not good enough for her. Eric tells Serena over the phone about Nicole being in her room.

Nicole calls Melanie "a backstabbing little snake."

Jad talk after sex on the DiCouch. Eve tells Jenn that JJ screws things up on his own. Jenn threatens Eve if she hurts JJ.

Daniel overhears Nicole confessing to be in Serena's room.

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