Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wednesday's "Daniel's Judgmental Spawn" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives:  Daniel questions Melanie on the mysterious phone call he got, Melanie and Teresa bump into each other and like each other, Sonny confronts Paul on their lives, Eve busts JJ and Paige's secret meeting, Theresa tells Brady that she's moved on, and things are still tense with Ericole.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

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JJ calls Paige to meet him at the park. Eve comes home before she can leave. Jenn wants to talk to JJ before he leaves.

Nicole refers to Melanie as "Daniel's judgmental spawn."

Nicole finds an Ericole pic. Brady celebrates Eric's new apartment. Brady wants to talk about Teresa. Teresa kisses Paul goodbye.

Adrienne tells Sonny that she knows he saw Paul. Someone calls Daniel looking for Melanie.

Nicole rips up the Ericole photo. Melanie runs into Teresa at the hospital literally.

Eve guesses that Paige is sneaking behind her back to see JJ. JJ is beating himself up over making dumb mistakes.

Jenn says she contacted someone to help JJ. Maggie butts in on Nicole talking to Daniel. Mel and Tre bound over a band.

Theresa asks Melanie if she's a masochist for wanting her job back at the hospital. Adrienne tells Sonny to be clear with Paul.

Paige tells Eve that she's giving JJ space. Jenn asked Marlena for a referral for JJ. He agrees to try it. Maggie leaves Daniel's.

Daniel wants to talk about Eric to Nicole. Brady tells Eric that Theresa said she wasn pregnant, but wasn't. He wants him to be there 4 her.

Melanie leaves. Theresa hopes she gets her job back. They never exchanged names. Sonny visits Paul. Sonny says no more kisses.

Kim (offscreen) tells Eve that Shane has been hospitalized. Paige meets JJ. JJ wants to get back together with Paige.

JJ wants no one to know he's back with Paige. Daniel tells Nicole that Eric questioned him on the Dichole friendship.

Melanie thinks someone is following her. Paul tells Sonny that he chose baseball over him. Sonny says Paul chose to stay in the closet

Sonny tells Paul that things worked out for the best.

Eve talks to Eric at the Square. Adrienne mentions she never sees Brady in the K-Mansion even thought they both live there. lol

Adrienne trashes Theresa who overhears that her pregnancy scare is all over town. Sonny shows Paul his wedding band.

Paul is not backing off on Sonny. Maggie tells Jenn that Mel is moving home. Maggie doesn't want any awkwardness between her and Jen

Daniel tells Nicole that they are just friends. Mel arrives. Nicole leaves. Daniel chastises Mel for being rude to Nicole.

Daniel asks Melanie about the woman who called there looking for her.

JJ tells Paige that his mom wants him to see a therapist. JJ tells her that her mom will say anything to keep them apart.

Eve tells Eric that she's ok. They agree to a drink. Nicole sees them. Theresa tells Brady she has a new man.

Sonny says he's happy. Paul says he's happy. Sonny tells Paul that he knows he's breaking women's hearts.

Daniel wants to know what is going on with Melanie.

Sonny tells Paul that Will doesn't know about him. Paul: It wasn't that I didn't love you.. Sonny: I know. That's the worst part.

Nicole confirms to Eric that Dichole are just friends. Eric says he doesn't care (but he asked Dan.)

JJ kisses Paige. She leaves. Eve sees them together. Theresa overhears Brady saying he's meeting an old friend for lunch.

Melanie claims a guy she dated had a crazy ex who was bothering her. Dan leaves. Mel opens her bag o cash.

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