Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tuesday's "Melanie Being Melanie" #Days Live Tweets

Again, on today's episode of Days of our Lives, nothing much happened.

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Sonny asks Victor for money. Victor says he won't bail him out. Theresa has a dream about Brady telling her.

Abe asks Nicole why she called 911. Daniel wants to talk to Brady. Eric and Serena reunite.

Chad tells T that his date with Jordan is over. Marlena offers to give Paul someone to talk to. Victor calls Sonny's new club a trainwreck.

Daniel gives Melanie the riot act. He asks if running away from the casino was the only reason why she came home.

Eric and Serena say they saved each others emails. He asks why she's here.

Nicole tells Abe that Melanie is back in town. Nic thinks Abe is blaming her for the Dannifer break up. Maggie drops off Parker.

Parker hugs Melanie. Anne shows up at Theresa's with wine. Paul wants to talk about insanity with Marlena.

Sonny says Club TBD is boring. You got that right.

Sonny shows Victor his contract with Chad. Victor points out the liability clause. Chad tells T that everything is going his way.

Serena wants to go to Eric's place. She wants to talk in private, not at the Pub. He agrees.

Melanie tells everyone that she missed them. Theresa talks about Melanie to Anne not realizing who Melanie is.

Maggie asks Daniel what Melanie was up to. Dan says Mel's trouble was "Melanie being Melanie."

Serena asks why Eric isn't back in the priesthood. Sonny is furious and leaves Victor's.

Paul calls Marlena "insane" for trying to counsel him three times. Sonny tells Chad he stabbed him in the back.

Chad claims innocence. Paul flirts with the bellhop named Derrick at the hospital. Anne gives Tre the wine to give Paul.

Brady tells Melanie to stay away from Theresa. He leaves. Mel promises to Maggie that she will behave.

Nicole tells Abe that Dannifer had problems without her. Preach it sister.

Melanie leaves to find Maxine.Victor confides in Marlena about Wilson. Paul tries to disguise himself and leaves.

Chad tells Sonny that he has faith in him.

Sonny leaves the Club. Paul follows.

Theresa and Melanie exchange phones. Brady calls Nicole "clueless" about men. He says she is falling in love.

Victor says "Will is a writer, he can do that anywhere." Sonny leaves a message for Will. Theresa tells Mel her name.

Brady tells Nicole to move on from Eric. Serena is in Salem for Eric.

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