Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tuesday's "Everyone Has a Past" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Paul tells Will the truth about his arm, Melanie warns Jordan about Chad, Aiden tells Rafe that he has a dangerous enemy, Kate tells Chad he gets obsessed with women, and Paul confesses his love to Sonny.  You should be following me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

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Hope asks Rafe about cop stuff. So more boring talk about Rafe's resignation.

Chad & Kate argue about Clyde and Jordan. Clyde asks Aiden to help him make an anonymous donation. Abby warns Jordan about the Dimeras

Melanie and Sonny look at Ari baby pics. A very upset Paul tells Will that, "it's over."

John asks Marlena to meet him at the Square. He asks to spend New Year's with her. Sonny tells Melanie that Chad is seeing Jordan.

Melanie is skeptical of Chad dating Jordan. Sonny defends Chad's relationship. Chad plays the hooker card on Kate.

Kate tells Chad that he gets too attached to his women. Jordan tells Abby about her survivor past.

Paul tells Will that his career is over.

Rafe tells Hope the Gabi story. So why didn't Hope get fired because she knew too?

Hope calls someone asking for a favor. Melanie tells Sonny to watch out for Chad. Kate says Mel and Abby should be fighting for Chad.

Kate actually gives Chad good advice. She's always been a good mother figure to him.

Paul tells Will to listen to his mother. Will says that Paul doesn't know his mother. lol

Aiden asks if Clyde wants the tax deduction. Yeah because drug dealers pay so much in taxes.

John tells Marlena that he doesn't want to take her for granted. Chad teases Abby on Ben going to college. Melanie shows up for work.

Melanie meets Jordan. Will wants to write about Paul's injury so he doesn't need to deal with the press unless he wants to.

Will tells Paul that now he can be whomever he wants. Will leaves. Paul calls Sonny. He asks to see him.

Marlena accepts John's date request. John wants to have a year "without all the problems." Rafe talks to Aiden about his resignation.

Sonny refuses to meet at Paul's hotel room. See, that's how a married man is supposed to act. They agree to meet at the Square.

Abby asks Chad if Rafe is a threat to Jad. Melanie tells Jordan that she was engaged to Chad.

Hope is happy to see John at the Pub. John says he hopes he's in town for good. Chad tells Abby that Rafe is not in the picture.

Chad tells Abby that Rafe tried 2 dig up dirt on him. Jordan tells Melanie,"everyone has a past." Mel says "Chad is wonderful til he's not."

Paul asks Sonny if he still cares about him. Paul tells Sonny that he never stopped loving him.

Rafe says he's done playing God by withholding the truth. So tell Roman that Sami shot EJ in the head.

Clyde tells Kate to spread the word about his donation without tying her name to the rumor. Marlena joins Will at the apartment.

Will tells Marlena that things will be back to normal once the new club opens and Will's article is done. Paul wants to be with Sonny.

Hope talks to John about Aiden and the Jope friendship. Aiden tells Rafe that he has a dangerous enemy. Jordan goes to the DiMansion.

Sonny tells Paul to come out 4 himself. Will tells Marlena about his interview. Will says he thinks the guy is holding something back

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