Friday, December 26, 2014

Friday's "Silent Night" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, the Horton family hang their ornaments, JJ tries to break up with Paige, Theresa visits Eve, and Abe is Santa at the hospital.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

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Marlena notices Ari has a fever. Theresa visits Eve. Paige sees JJ at the Square.

Kayla tries to warn Hope about Aiden. Hope thinks Kayla's misgivings about Aiden has to do with Bo.

Julie and Doug ask Aiden what else he didn't tell them. Magic leave Daniel's for the Horton house. Daniel asks Melanie what's wrong.

John visits Brady at the K-Mansion. Brady tells John that he wants him in his life. Theresa asks Eve why she's such a mess.

JJ asks Paige why she's not in LA. She moves in for a kiss, and he backs off.

Abe and Theo visit Chad. Stefano calls Theo. Daniel thinks Melanie is avoiding Brady. She says Anne tried to keep her from being rehired.

Brady tells John that he knows where Marlena is. Chase, Ciara, and Abby bring down the ornaments. Jen got a package from Lucas.

Julie and Doug read an article that Aiden is a shark in the courtroom. Hope tells Kayla not to bring up Aiden's past again, then leaves.

Wilson come to the Horton house. Theresa gave Eve some old LPs. Theresa guesses that Eve is upset with JJ. JJ says he thought Paige was gone

Sonny gets his Horton ornament ordered by Lucas. Julie puts up Nick's ornament. Maggie puts up Mickey's.

Daniel, Melanie, and Parker go to the hospital. Dan wishes Jenn well in 2015. Maggie finds out the hospital Santa is in bad shape.

John shocks Marlena at the Wilson apartment. Paige tries to give JJ his gift. He doesn't want to accept it.

Abe is Santa at the hospital. Perfect choice.

Abby reads the Christmas story to the kids at the hospital. Stefano wants to talk to Kate who is visiting Chad.

Theresa tells Eve to stop interfering with JJ/Paige. Eve says she sounds like Kimberly. JJ tells Paige he doesn't have a gift for her.

JJ finally tells Paige that they are done.

Julie talks about Nick to Will. Julie blames Gabi for not giving Nick time to work his problems out.

Hope tells Aiden that Christmas is "wonderful and amazing" this year. Everyone starts singing "Silent Night" at the hospital.

John tells Marlena that he's home for good. Stefano taunts Kate that all her kids are gone for Christmas. Stefano calls Clyde, "Billy Bob."

Kate asks what Chad's game is for being interested in Jordan. Brady comes to the Horton house. Everyone's back from the hospital.

Melanie sees Nick's ornament on the tree, and Gabi's sitting in the box. JJ runs out on Paige.

Eve puts on a record. Paige comes home. Paige says she has a headache, and goes to her room. Maggie gives a speech.

JJ finally shows up at the Horton house.

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