Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wednesday's "Wrath of Maxine" #Days Live Tweets

I had felt bad about not catching up with the last two weeks of Days of our Lives episodes that I have missed.  I do not feel way after watching today's episode.  Yes, it was as boring as it reads.  Here are today's live tweets:

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Melanie tells Chad that she's glad that he's finally admitting who he is. Chad welcomes her home. Ben and Abby go at it.

So we lost the DiMera mansion so Ben can have an apartment to have sex in?

Sonny snaps at Rafe for asking what is up with Will. Clyde tells Marlena that his father was a monster. He says he's as bad as his dad

Jordan confronts Kate for bringing Clyde to Salem. She admits it. Melanie tells Chad she is moving back to Salem.

Theresa gives Paul his gift basket. Kate throws Tammy Sue in Jordan's face. Rafe wants Gabi to see the baby.

Melanie talks to Chad about faking his brain tumor. Chad mentions EJabby.

Theresa basically gave Paul a gift basket of all Asian items. Clyde won't tell Marlena what his father did.

Kate tells Jordan that she drove Rafe to Kate. Jordan accuses her of bringing Clyde to get Rafe back. Sonny apologizes for being rude.

Sonny texts Will to call him. Melanie didn't know about EJAbby.

Ben and Abby are still doing it. I'm still bored.

Paul seems interested in Theresa. Kate tells Jordan that Clyde is trying to make amends. Kate tells her she needs therapy.

Clyde tells Marlena that he has a bad temper. Marlena says they need to find what triggers his temper. Chad says Mel dismisses him.

Mel says she hoped to see the man she was engaged to in Chad. I totally forgot about their engagement. Doesn't ring a bell at all.

Melanie and T hug at the Club. So when is T going to get a love interest?

T tells Mel that he knows where Abby is. Babby are finally done in bed. Jordan shows up at the former DiMansion. She warns him about Kate.

Maxine tells Rafe to tell Gabi that she's thinking about her. Anne tries to keep Maxine away from Theresa and Paul.

Paul and Theresa kiss. Anne breaks them up. Maxine knows what's going on. Clyde says he hasn't cried since he was 5.

Clyde disappointed his father by crying at age 5, so he hasn't cried since. He says his dad stopped being happy then.

Marlena ends the session. Clyde leaves. Rafe sees him leave Marlena's office.

T calls Abby. Abby agrees for someone to drop off Ben's phone. T is sending Melanie without telling Abby.

Anne pulls Theresa out of Paul's room. Anne says she was trying to protect her from "the wrath of Maxine." Tre accuses Anne of being jealous

Chad tells Jordan that he never trusted Kate. Jordan tells Chad what Kate did. Kate goes to Clyde's room to confront him.

Clyde denies telling Jordan that Kate brought him to Salem.

Rafe asks Marlena to talk to Gabi. Paul stares at Sonny. Chad says he won't let Clyde ruin Jordan's life. He says he owes Kate.

Chad says he owes Kate for bringing Jordan to Salem. Clyde says he may have slipped to Jordan but it was Kate's fault.

Abby slips out of Ben's apartment. Melanie slips in and surprises Ben who drops his towel.

Marlena promises to talk to Will about Gabi seeing Ari. Rafe tries to warn Marlena about Clyde vaguely.

Clyde tells Kate that it was hot when she barged through the door. They kiss. Theresa sees Paul's empty room. Paul kisses Sonny.

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