Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wednesday's "Did Me a Solid" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Eve and JJ have sex, Paige has second thoughts about breaking up with JJ, Kristen has Theresa kidnapped, Brady punches Daniel, Ben punches Chad, and Daniel tells Nicole what happened.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

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Rory tells Paige that she looks like hell. Eve opens the door to JJ. Ben punches Chad. Abby talks to Rafe outside the Club.

Clyde asks Jordan what kind of game she's playing. Brady and Dan talk on the phone. Theresa and Anne talk about how she can call Brady.

Kristen and a henchman discuss her latest caper. Rory defends JJ to Paige. JJ makes himself at home at Eve's. JJ drinks.

JJ tells Eve that things are over with Paige. Rafe breaks up the Chad/Ben fight.

Chad admits to causing Ben to lose his apartment. Oh the horror! The horror!

Anne and Theresa scheme to try to get Nicole's phone. Anne lures Nicole outside. Theresa takes Nicole's phone.

Brady tells Dan to come to Victor's after work. Paige shows Rory the party pictures of JJ. Paige tells Rory that JJ is a dog.

Eve tells JJ that she can't have the surgery to fix her voice. JJ holds her hand. Eve cries on his shoulder. They kiss. He pulls away.

Rory tells Paige to give JJ a chance. She listens to JJ's voice mail. Nicole is not impressed with Anne's "exclusive" news.

Brady hangs up on Theresa. Nicole catches on to Anne's trick. Nicole asks why Theresa called Brady from her phone.

Daniel tells Brady, "there's something you should know." Brady, "great, I love knowing things."

Brady tells Daniel that he saw him with Kristen. JJ and Eve are in bed.

Chad says his family owns the apartment building, and thinks Ben should live in a non-DiMera owned building.

Clyde tells Jordan that it's best she doesn't remember. Nicole walks in on the Dan/Brady fight. Eve and JJ finish. They both regret it.

Paige comes home with JJ in Eve's bed.

Rafe lectures Ben on self control and punching people. Hypocrite much?

Dan tries to apologize to Brady. Brady tells Daniel that he "did me a solid. Thanks man. Get out of my house."

Anne tells Theresa that the timing isn't right to tell Brady the baby news. Paige asks Eve what is wrong.

Chad tells Jordan what happened. Chad asks Jordan what she's upset about when she entered the Club. Nicole tells Brady how Tre got her phone

Brady wants to be left alone. Nicole leaves.

Theresa: You are a sucky best friend. Anne: I'm all you got.

Daniel confirms that what Brady said was all true to Nicole. Eve tells Paige that she's upset about not getting her surgery.

Paige heads to Eve's bedroom for aspirin.

Chad won't press charges against Ben. Jordan thanks Rafe for breaking up the fight. Chad brags he took Abby's virginity to Ben.

Nicole is skeeved that Daniel "touched" Kristen. Dan says Dannifer is over. Dan insisted on a break with Jenn, so why is he mad?

Kristen tells Brady that she's leaving soon. Theresa gets kidnapped. JJ tries to get dressed. Paige sees a coat in the kitchen.

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