Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tuesday's "Dirty Laundry" Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Brady has Theresa take a blood test, Hope googles Aiden, Nicole warns Aiden to stop hiding his secret, Abby and Jordan meet Paul, Abby surprises Ben at his new place, Rafe gets angry seeing Jordan and Chad kissing, and Theresa is upset overhearing Brady telling Rafe that Brady made the worst mistake with a woman in his life right now. You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

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Aiden and Hope talk at the Club. Nicole comes up and says, "omg it is fate. You are the answer to my prayers." Abby accepts her old job.

Kayla and Abby talk about Chad getting her job back. Ben and Sonny talk about Abby getting her job back. *yawn*

Jordan kisses Ben. Rafe spies them. Theresa drops the baby bomb on Brady. He laughs.

Kayla tells Abby that Chad can't manipulate her if she doesn't let him. Kayla explains why Ben is insecure.

Sonny says EJ took advantage of Abby. No he did not. She initiated the whole thing.

 Nicole wants to interview Aiden about relocating to Salem. He's not interested. Brady doesn't buy Theresa is pregnant.

Hope is surprised that Aiden insists on not doing the interview. Sonny tells Ben that he's not competing with Chad.

Chad offers to be there for Jordan. She leaves. Rafe stares down Chad. Brady says the last thing he wants is a baby with Theresa.

Nicole leaves. Hope tells Aiden that he hates talking about Portland. Aiden asks if Hope saw Bree again. She denies it.

Chad tells Rafe that he covered Gabi's ass for what she did to Melanie. Chad points out that Hernandez isn't a good name in town either.

Abby talks to Jordan about getting her hospital job back. She talks about the donation from the mystery patient.

Jordan recognizes Paul as a major league pitcher. Ben gets an apartment that Sonny found for him.

Theresa tells Brady they haven't used birth control the last few months. He says she might be pregnant, but not his child. She slaps him.

Hope leaves, Nicole rejoins Aiden saying there is a juicy story there. Rafe says he won't let Chad provoke him.

Theresa says Brady is the one who is a slut. She hasn't slept with anyone else. She cries. Brady wants a pregnancy test.

Aiden offers to find someone else for her to interview. Nicole says she knows Hope knows that Aiden has a secret. Rafe startles Hope.

Rafe brings up the divorce and how she's dating Aiden. Rafe apologizes for getting into her business, then keeps getting into her business.

Brady wants Theresa to get a blood test at the hospital. She agrees. She calls Kayla to give her a test now.

Sonny congratulates Abby. Ben starts moving into his apartment. Theresa calls out Kayla for being judgmental.

Nicole tells Aiden to be careful about his secret because it will come out. Hope tells Rafe she might google Aiden.

Rafe offers to investigate Aiden for her. Hope turns him down. Rafe leaves. Hope types in Aiden's name to be searched, but doesn't hit enter

Sonny and Chad talk about electrical expenses for the new club. Sonny tells him that Abby deserves to be happy. Abby shows up at Ben's.

Rafe talks to Brady at the hospital. Theresa overhears Brady saying he made the stupidest mistake of them all now. Rafe leaves.

Nicole tells Aiden all her dirty laundry. Aiden tries to shut her up. Nicole says she's a good liar but not for long.

Hope does a search on Aiden. She sees that Aiden was questioned in his wife's death.

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