Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thursday's "Ruined Everything" #Days Live Tweets

On today's unbelievably boring episode of Days of our Lives, everyone talks about Chad and Ben, Nicole tries to cheer up Daniel in her leopard/tiger striped dress, Maggie listens to Brady whine, Eve gets JJ out of her apartment without Paige knowing, JJ finds out Paige wanted to make up, and Kristen tells Brady she's leaving town with the best part of him.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

 ·  1h 1 hour ago
Eve stops Paige from finding JJ in her bedroom. Paige figures out that Eve is hiding a man. Jordan and Abby discuss Ben and Chad.

Nicole is grossed out that Dan touched Kristen. Dan declares Dannifer over. Nicole holds his hand. Brady gets a call from Kristen.

Kristen tells Brady that she will not be leaving Salem empty handed. Theresa is kidnapped.

Eve tells Paige that she just wants her to be proud of her. Kristen tells Brady she will leave with the very best part of him inside her.

Abby tells Jordan that she knows about her childhood. Nicole apologizes for going off on Dan. He leaves. Paige offers to buy aspirin.

BenChadAbbyJordan blah blah blah

JJ shows up at home to find Kayla. JJ says he "ruined everything." Paige is back with aspirin. Paige says she knows someone was there.

Nicole follows Dan home. Nicole blames the Dannifer break up on herself. Hell, brag about it!

Ben says he's nothing like his father to Jordan. Chad warns Abby about Ben's temper. Paige asks about Eve's man.

JJ tells Kayla that Paige knows about Kayla/Jack.

Ben and Abby argue about Chad playing her. Chad tells Jordan that he thought Ben was going after him again. Random pop up Maggie.

Nicole trying to help Daniel is making him roll his eyes at her. lol

is unbelievably dull today. I want to know what happened to Theresa.

Paige texts JJ to talk in the morning. He's surprised that she's sorry. Nicole leaves after telling Dan that he's a good man.

Brady tells Maggie about Kristen's weird call. Kristen and Theresa on hospital beds.

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