Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday's "Duck Dynasty Girl" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Ben and Abby argue about Chad getting Abby's job back at the hospital, Jordan pulls a gun on Clyde, Clyde admits to statutory rape of Jordan, Kate and Clyde kiss, Brady asks John to leave town, John and Marlena kiss goodbye, Theresa doesn't remember what happened to her, Brady tells Theresa to leave town, and Theresa drops the baby bomb on Brady.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

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Kayla tells Abby that she got her job back at the hospital. Ben says Chad got her her job back. Kate waits for someone. Chad wants to watch.

Chad guesses that Kate is waiting for Clyde. Jordan holds a gun on Clyde. Jordan says Clyde raped her when she was fifteen.

Brady and John talk at the K-Mansion. John explains his lie. Brady asks if he would do it again. John says he would. Theresa wakes up.

Theresa tries to remember what happened. Kayla confirms that Chad did get Abby her job back.

Chad tells Kate that he didn't take her as a "Duck Dynasty girl."

Brady tells John that Kristen left town and accepted she was out of his life. Brady says John lied about Theresa too.

Anne calls Theresa. Theresa tells her she has no life. Theresa says she feels off. Anne tells her to come because she has news.

Another argument between Abby and Ben about Chad manipulating her.

Theresa shows up at work. Anne doesn't think Brady is going to be thrilled with Theresa's baby news. Anne has news on Kristen.

Brady wants John to fix a crisis at Basic Black which requires travel. John agrees to go, but he will return. Brady is grateful John lived.

Marlena trashes Kristen on the phone with Stefano. Stefano wants to talk about Sami. He throws the phone down.

Chad tells Kate that Jordan is creeped out by Clyde. Kate tells Chad that Jordan is too "dull" for Rafe.

Anne tells Theresa that Kristen left town. Anne says she talked to "that freak" Henderson on the phone.

John tells Marlena that he has to leave for Europe today. Clyde finds Kate. Clyde says he was held at gunpoint.

Chad finds Jordan crying on the bench. Theresa shows up at the K-Mansion. Brady glares at Theresa.

Abby tells Ben that everything Chad does is not about him. Clyde shows Kate a check. John tells Marlena why he's leaving town.

Brady tells Theresa that Kristen is gone. Brady says he wants her out of his life as well.

Abby insists Chad doesn't want her back. Abby asks why Chad is with Jordan. Ben says he is seeing Jordan to get under his skin.

Chad tells Jordan that he's there for her. Kate gives Clyde money advice. He wants to buy a home.

Brady says he was with Theresa to fill a void. Brady wants Theresa to leave town. He tells her to leave the house.

Abby leaves Ben at the Pub. Chad tells Jordan he wants to kiss her but won't. Jordan kisses Chad. Clyde wants dinner with Kate. She agrees.

Kate and Clyde kiss. He tells her, "we're going to rock this town, Kate." Rock it inside out....

Stefano looks at a pic of Ejami and kids. He shakes his head. Marlena gives John her blessing for him to leave. They kiss. He leaves.

Theresa tells Brady, "I'm carrying your child."

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