Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday's "You Were Worth Everything" #Days Live Tweets

On today's very sad episode of Days of our Lives, Sami says goodbye to EJ, Stefano tells Chad and Kristen the news, Kristen injects something into EJ's arm, and Sami tells the kids about EJ's death.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

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Kristen is raging in her hotel room over John choosing Theresa over her for Brady. Stefano calls her and tells her EJ is dead.

Kate and Chad celebrate at the Pub not knowing EJ is dead. Roman takes the kids into the DiMansion. Sami lays with EJ's body.

Sami tells EJ that "we're too young for this."

The kids ask where Ejami are. Roman gets a call from Marlena. Sami remembers the first time she met EJ.

Stefano tells Kristen that EJ was shot in a mugging. Kristen is angry, and starts throwing glasswear.

Chad tells Kate that "EJ is dead to me." Abe and Rafe discuss EJ's death. Sami continues to talk to EJ.

Kristen flashes back about EJ. Chad gets a call from Stefano. Stefano breaks the news. Roman tells Marlena what happened.

Roman wants Marlena to get Sami clean clothes. Sami vows to find EJ's wedding ring. Sami wraps EJ's arm around her.

Chad thinks Stefano is joking. Chad tells Kate that EJ is dead. Stefano places another call. He looks at a photo of EJ w/ flashbacks.

Sami vows to keep the kids safe from Stefano. Sami tells EJ that she can't do it without him. Marlena is there. Sami and Marlena hug.

Marlena tells Sami that she's not alone. Sami tells EJ, "you were worth everything" and kisses him. Sami and Marlena leave.

Kate thinks Stefano is joking. Kate calls Roman. He asks her to keep it quiet. Kate tells Chad that she's sorry. Chad is stunned.

Stefano tells EJ that he loved him then another flashback. Sami thanks Rafe for keeping EJ's death quiet. She cries in his arms.

Abe says he'll tell Theo that EJ is with Lexie. *sob*

Chad tells Kate that he "told EJ if EJ ended up dead that he deserved it." Chad wants to go to the Mansion, Kate talks him out of it.

Sami is home and remembers EJ all over the house. Roman comforts her. Johnny asks where EJ is.

Stefano needs a favor from Kristen.

Kate wants Chad's help to keep the grandkids from Stefano. Sami tells the kids. They all hug.

EJ gets a syringe in the arm from Kristen.

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