Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wednesday's "Thin Line Between Love and Hate" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, JJ and Paige make out at the lake, Brady tells Theresa that sleeping together was a mistake, Kristen gives Marlena an offer she cannot refuse, Nicole argues with Eric, Sami, and then Caroline, Kristen meets Theresa, and Sami discovers that Stefano is back.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

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Paige comes over to JJ's house. Sami takes a call at the Pub. Nicole pulls Eric outside. Eric asks her to stay away.

Marlena doesn't believe Kristen will help John. Dan calls Kristen. Sami interrupts Ericole. Dan asks to see Kristen in his office.

Kristen will meet at Daniel's apartment due to Brady's restraining order.

Paige wants to open a box JJ packed for her. She finds a pic of the 2 of them and a teddy bear wearing a safety yellow jacket.

Eric tries to break up a fight between Sami and Nicole. Nicole apologizes. Eric and Sami leave. Thrady finish sex.

Kayla, Dan, Kristen and Marlena meet at Dan's to discuss John. Dan was emailed a drug that could work to wake up John.

Daniel tells Marlena that they only received part of the formula.

Caroline takes a martini off of Nicole. Caroline doesn't want Nicole around. Eric asks Sami if Stefano wants her dead.

Brady tells Theresa that sleeping with her was a mistake. Kristen wants to keep Brady in the dark about the drug for John.

Kristen wants to talk to Marlena privately about the second half of the formula.

Theresa tells Brady that she cares about him.

Caroline says Eric's hatred of Nicole is why he's not a priest. Nicole says, "there's a thin line between love and hate."

Kayla and Dan leave his apartment. Kristen tells Marlena that she needs "to have a convo with Eric."

JJ and Paige finish swimming at the lake. JJ asks Paige if she's sorry she stayed at Salem. Theresa gives Brady the annulment papers.

Theresa tells Brady that it was the first time they made love sober.

Caroline thinks Nicole is crazy for thinking Eric loves her. Nicole says she still loves Eric and leaves the Pub.

Eric thinks he is putting Sami in harm's way by pressing charges against Kristen. She wants Kristen in prison.

Kristen wants Marlena to talk Eric into not testifying against her in exchange for the drug. Marlena leaves. Dan walks in.

Eric and Sami hug it out. Dan figures out Kristen told Marlena to ask Eric not to testify against her. Dan tells her the drug better work.

Daniel tells Kristen that Brady will never change his mind about her. Why? Because Brady is so smart? lol

Theresa leaves the K-Mansion glowing. Kristen leaves Dan's. Marlena is at John's bedside. She calls Eric and asks to meet him.

JJ and Paige kiss at the lake. Sami drops her glass when she sees Stefano's portrait is back up on the wall.

Kristen overhears Theresa calling Anne about Brady. "Do tell," Kristen says.

Brady is with John. Kayla tells him John's transfer is on hold. Kayla calls Dan that the lab is ready to go.

Marlena joins Eric at the Pub. Marlena tells him she has to ask him for something.

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