Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday's "Starter Lover" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Chad insults Abigail while Ben interrupts, Nicole wants Aiden to be her lawyer to sue Kristen, Ericole fight again, JJ realizes he was set up, Paige is broken hearted, Daniel has to keep another secret for JJ from Jennifer, Kayla encourages Hope to be honest to Aiden, and Hope is not sure her feelings for Aiden are authentic.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

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Abby calls Ben. She sees Chad and drops her phone. Kayla asks Hope how her talk with Aiden went. Nicole calls Hope "Frownie Face" again.

NIcole tells Aiden she wants to sue Kristen for alienation of affection because of her break up w/ Eric. Eric fantasizes about Nicole

Daniel asks Paige how the party went. Eve worries why she hasn't heard from Jill. Jill tries to stage a pic with a passed out JJ.

Aiden tells Nicole she can't sue Kristen because Ericole never were married. Aiden says she still loves Eric. Caroline joins Eric at Pub.

Jill texts Paige a pic of JJ impersonating JJ texting Rory. Paige gets the text while at the hospital.

JJ is found passed out in the park. Mary Beth's X ray was fine. Mary Beth notices Paige is upset. Eric looks at pics and thinks of Nicole.

Nicole admits to still being in love with Eric. Aiden says "this chicken don't fly" about her lawsuit idea. Frownie Face interrupts them.

Chad drops the "you slept with my brother" bomb on Abby. Dan is there when JJ arrives in a bad state.

Nicole leaves. Hope apologizes for interrupting. Aiden says she's jealous. Hope wants to clear the air with her frownie face.

Chad tells Abby that there is no one in earth that she could have slept with that would hurt him more than EJ.

Jill updates Eve. Jill says JJ was a gentleman and she admits to drugging him. Jill wants her money. Mary Beth rants about JJ to Paige.

Daniel lectures JJ. JJ says he only drank a sip of beer. He thinks he was drugged.

JJ swears he didn't use. Dan wants to take JJ to the hospital. Mary Beth goes to Eve and says she was a part of the plan.

Abe asks Paige if she's ok. Nicole walks into the Pub. Nicole says she knows what he did for John. Eric wants her to leave.

Chad asks Abby if she thought of EJ when she was with him. He refers to himself as a "starter lover." She slaps him.

JJ calls Paige. Paige tells him about the pictures. She breaks up with him. He sees the pictures.

Abby denies wanting to hurt Chad. Ben walks in on their fight. Chad introduces himself. Chad leaves.

Nicole tells Eric how much she misses him. Eric says his job at the hospital is ending. Nicole bought his photos from his website.

Hope admits being attracted to Aiden. Paige comes home. Eve asks about the party. JJ tests positive for a drug.

JJ thinks he was set up. If you are sick of women drugging men on , please RT.

Ben refers to Chad as a "fragile jerk." Nicole says the photos are all that she has left of Ericole.

Hope tells Aiden the Bope story. Hope thinks her attraction to Aiden could be revenge. She leaves.

Paige refuses to talk and goes to bed. JJ says to Dan that he can't track down Jill. JJ asks Dan not to talk to Jennifer.

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