Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday's "Bad Vibes" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Susan wants EJ to leave town with her because she has a feeling that he's in danger, Stefano wants a favor from Kristen, Daniel defends JJ to Eve, Paige interns at the hospital, Kayla counsels a rape victim, Sami and Marlena visit John, and Kristen is shocked to see Susan.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

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Hope is late to her date with Aiden. Dan talks to Paige at the hospital. Eve shows up at Jenn's to talk to JJ.

John is asleep. Sami and Marlena are visting. Kristen tells Stefano that the charges against her are dropped.

Sami wants Kristen to pay for raping Eric.

Marlena gives Sami her support for reconciling with EJ. EJ asks Susan why she's in town. She's there to rescue EJ.

Susan had a promotion that EJ is in danger.

Aiden takes Hope to Chicago to date away from Salem. Hope says it won't be easy to date because of disapproval from family.

Paige meets Kayla. Paige is interning at the hospital. Eve accuses JJ of cheating on Paige. JJ says he was drugged.

EJ defends Sami to Susan. EJ tries to get Susan to leave Salem. Susan tries to rid the house of evil, then she runs into Sami.

Eve looks at the pics. Eve tries to leave, JJ grabs her arms. Susan reminisces about Sami being on death row.

Susan tells Sami that EJ is in danger. Susan wants EJ to leave with Johnny and Sydney. EJ won't leave.

Hope tells Aiden that she wants to give Haiden a chance. Hope is not wearing date attire imho. She needs to loosen up.

Hope removed her jacket. That is much better. Aiden has lunch dumped onto his lap by the waitress.

JJ calls Daniel. He wants to meet up. They agree to go to Daniel's place. Kristen is having bad vibes too. Stefano needs a favor.

Susan wants EJ to work for The Sun tabloid. Ejami will stay in Salem. James Scott looks like he's trying not to crack up.

The restaurant for the Haiden date has a kitchen fire. The show they were going to go to was canceled. Paige meets Maxine.

Maxine wants Kayla to wait on a patient. Daniel backs up JJ's story. Eve wants to talk to Daniel alone.

Marlena walks into the D-Mansion while Susan tries to get EJ to confess to trouble.

Marlena tells Susan that she hasn't changed a bit. EJami ditch Marlena with Susan. Susan asks about John.

Aiden asks if she wants a second date. Kayla's patient, Lucy, wants her to keep the door open. Lucy is a rape victim.

Daniel denies taking JJ's side because of Jenn. Marlena updates Susan about John. Susan apologizes about trying to break up J&M.

Marlena has to leave.

EJami eat at the Pub. Susan opens the door to see Kristen. Kristen is totally freaked out. lol

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