Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday's "Awesome Sauce" #Days Live Tweets

On today's very boring episode of Days of our Lives, Will gets a job offer from his ex boss, Abby locks herself in the stock room with Ben, Clyde offers his services to EJ, Kate cooks up a lie to keep Stefano away from Salem, EJ tips off Rafe to keep his father away, and Jordan sees Kate kiss Rafe.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

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Sonny tells Will that it is ok to miss his mom. Ben tells Abby that she was thinking of EJ when they were kissing. So busted. She admits it.

EJ meets Clyde. He asks what Clyde wants. Lucas talks to Jordan at the hospital. He asks about Jafe. She asks why he cares.

Kami are at the SPD. Kate tells Rafe that Stefano threatened her over the phone. Kate says Sami overheard on speaker phone.

Lucas tells Jordan that he doesn't want Rate back together. Rafe is skeptical of Kate's story. Stefano calls to fly back to Salem.

Sonny takes the baby and leaves. Rafe leaves to talk to Trask. Kate is not happy with the insults Sami made up that Stefano said.

Even Jordan is tired of Lucas' Jafe pimping.

Clyde wants to do business with EJ.

Abby denies wanting EJ. T interrupts the fight. Ben leaves. Lucas sees Will and the baby at the Pub. Will's boss shows up at his place

Abby and Jordan talk about Babby at the Square. Clyde asks to work for EJ. Kate swears Stefano wants revenge.

Sami swears that Stefano doesn't want Sami dead. Kate discusses Stefano's revenge against Marlena, Tony, and Lexie.

Rafe tells Kami that the DA wants them on the stand today.

Why can't there be breaking news on during when I'm at work and not my off days?

Sonny tells Lucas that Allie is into boys at camp. She says this boy is "awesome sauce." Lucas advises Sonny to be honest with Will.

Will's boss got fired by Victor, but found an editing job online. Will is mad that she put Abby's name in the article.

Ben tells T that Babby is over. T says Abby is "smoking hot" and wants to ask her out. Clyde asks EJ to give him a chance.

Stefano tells someone on the phone that Kami have been neutralized. Kami start fighting. Rafe says they won't testify today.

Will's boss says she's sorry for publishing Abby's name, but she would do it again. She offers Will a staff job. He wants to talk to Sonny.

Rafe tells Kami that Stefano will be arrested immediately if he steps foot in Salem. Sami is thrilled. Kate is skeptical.

EJ asks Clyde if he's finished, then leaves. Ben tells T to "go for it" with Abby. T doesn't buy it. Jordan asks why she's giving up.

EJ wants a background check on Clyde. Clyde thinks he's in. Jordan tells Abby to fight for Ben.

T gets a call. He tells Ben to go to the stock room. Will tells Sonny about his job offer. Sonny is not happy that Will would work for her.

Kate thinks someone helped Rafe not to get Stefano's charges dropped. Stefano calls EJ to complain. EJ says Kami are doing a good job.

Kate tells Sami to be careful.

Will tells Sonny that he told his boss that he would never write about his family again. Sonny doesn't think his opinion matters.

Abby is in the stock room with Ben and I really could not care less.

Kate kisses Rafe on the cheek while Jordan walks in. EJ talks to the kids on the phone. Sami eavesdrops. Sami gives him the news.

Sami tells EJ that she knows he stopped Stefano from coming to Salem.

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