Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday's "Stefano's Baby Mama" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Kristen plays the Stefano card to get Susan out of the DiMansion, Susan visits John, Paige overhears Kayla talk about her rape, Eve bans JJ from her place, Ben takes Abby away, Kristen tells Sami that EJ thought it was funny that she drugged and raped Eric, and Eve says JJ will turn out like his dad.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

 ·  1h 1 hour ago
JJ overhears Eve talking to Daniel about J&J. Paige overhears Kayla talk to a rape victim. That's so wrong.

Jenn sees that Paige is upset. Clyde asks Ben if he needs cash at the Club. Ejami finish a business meeting. Susan says Kristen is the evil.

Paige tells Jenn that she's fine. Eve busts JJ for eavesdropping. Kristen says Sami is the danger. Kristen is mean mean mean.

Eve compares JJ to his dad. Daniel orders her to leave. Paige has something to tell Kayla. EJ wants to use the kids as a buffer w Susan.

Kristen calls Stefano. Susan screams when she hears his voice. "What is that insufferable noise?"

Kristen calls Susan, Stefano's "baby mama." Stefano asks wth is she doing in his house. lol

Paige thanks Kayla for her opportunity. Eve bans JJ from her place. Daniel gives JJ his key. JJ reminds him he trashed his place b4.

Ben talks to Abby at the Square. Abby lost out on a job. They see EJami tickling. Susan calls Stefano, "a vampire."

Susan threatens to come back, when she leaves. Kristen opens a secret door, then sees the Kami portrait.

Ben gets Abby away from Ejami. Sami jokes about bonding wtih Susan. Jenn and Kayla talk about how much they like Paige.

JJ tells Paige that her mom is on the warpath. She says she's on his side. Susan shows up at the hospital. She talks to Maxine.

Susan sneaks into John's room. She says evil is forcing her to leave. Kristen mocks Susan. Sami accuses Kristen of being Susan.

Eve see Jenn outside the Pub. Eve tells Jenn he needs her to keep JJ away from Paige. Jenn accuses Eve of setting him up.

Daniel tells Kayla that he hopes JJ catches a break soon. Susan tells John that she thinks of their wedding every day.

Kristen tells Sami she should be grateful that she got rid of Susan. Kristen and Sami fight over EJ.

Paige has something to tell JJ about Kayla. Kristen tells Sami that EJ laughed when she told him about raping Eric.

EJ refuses to expand Clyde's territory. Clyde tells EJ's flunkie that he wants EJ to see things his way.

Maxine warns Daniel about Susan. Susan leaves their wedding photo next to John's bed.

Eve trashes Jack to Jenn. Eve says JJ is "Jack Deveraux waiting to happen." Paige asks about Kayla's rape to JJ.

Stefano is not happy with EJ sleeping with Sami again. EJ says he will restore what Stefano lost. Sami doesn't believe Kristen.

Kristen insists that EJ was happy with the rape. Sami threatens to ban her from the mansion.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday's "Bad Vibes" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Susan wants EJ to leave town with her because she has a feeling that he's in danger, Stefano wants a favor from Kristen, Daniel defends JJ to Eve, Paige interns at the hospital, Kayla counsels a rape victim, Sami and Marlena visit John, and Kristen is shocked to see Susan.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

 ·  1h
Hope is late to her date with Aiden. Dan talks to Paige at the hospital. Eve shows up at Jenn's to talk to JJ.

John is asleep. Sami and Marlena are visting. Kristen tells Stefano that the charges against her are dropped.

Sami wants Kristen to pay for raping Eric.

Marlena gives Sami her support for reconciling with EJ. EJ asks Susan why she's in town. She's there to rescue EJ.

Susan had a promotion that EJ is in danger.

Aiden takes Hope to Chicago to date away from Salem. Hope says it won't be easy to date because of disapproval from family.

Paige meets Kayla. Paige is interning at the hospital. Eve accuses JJ of cheating on Paige. JJ says he was drugged.

EJ defends Sami to Susan. EJ tries to get Susan to leave Salem. Susan tries to rid the house of evil, then she runs into Sami.

Eve looks at the pics. Eve tries to leave, JJ grabs her arms. Susan reminisces about Sami being on death row.

Susan tells Sami that EJ is in danger. Susan wants EJ to leave with Johnny and Sydney. EJ won't leave.

Hope tells Aiden that she wants to give Haiden a chance. Hope is not wearing date attire imho. She needs to loosen up.

Hope removed her jacket. That is much better. Aiden has lunch dumped onto his lap by the waitress.

JJ calls Daniel. He wants to meet up. They agree to go to Daniel's place. Kristen is having bad vibes too. Stefano needs a favor.

Susan wants EJ to work for The Sun tabloid. Ejami will stay in Salem. James Scott looks like he's trying not to crack up.

The restaurant for the Haiden date has a kitchen fire. The show they were going to go to was canceled. Paige meets Maxine.

Maxine wants Kayla to wait on a patient. Daniel backs up JJ's story. Eve wants to talk to Daniel alone.

Marlena walks into the D-Mansion while Susan tries to get EJ to confess to trouble.

Marlena tells Susan that she hasn't changed a bit. EJami ditch Marlena with Susan. Susan asks about John.

Aiden asks if she wants a second date. Kayla's patient, Lucy, wants her to keep the door open. Lucy is a rape victim.

Daniel denies taking JJ's side because of Jenn. Marlena updates Susan about John. Susan apologizes about trying to break up J&M.

Marlena has to leave.

EJami eat at the Pub. Susan opens the door to see Kristen. Kristen is totally freaked out. lol

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Friday, September 26, 2014


Days of our Lives was the only soap up for the week of September 15th.  You can read the entire ratings at Soap Opera Network.

#Days Promo for Sept 29th

The Days of our Lives promo for the week of September 29th can be found here:

Diva's 192nd #Days Blogtalkradio Show!

Join the Diva of Days of our Lives and friends for our 192nd Blogtalkradio Show.  Topics this week include:  Sami and EJ reconcile and exchanged vows, Kristen gives Chad advice on revenge, Ben and Abby get closer, Susan returns to town, and John starts to wake up from his coma. Call in to talk to us at 914.338.1239 then press 1 or join us in our chat room.

#Days Spoiler Pics for Sept 29th

Days of our Lives spoiler pics for the week of September 29th can be found here.

Friday's "Beautiful Package" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Allie, Johnny and Sydney finally return home, EJ won't expand his business with Clyde, Lucas is mad that Sami reconciled with EJ again, Jordan has tea with Chad, Chad seems to be playing Kate and Stefano, and EJ is surprised by the return of his mother, Susan.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

 ·  1h
Rafe and Wilson go to the Club after playing basketball. Abby and Jordan babysit Ari at the Wilson apartment.

Jordan tells Abby that she keeps thinking of Rate in bed together. Chad meets Kate at the Square. Chad updates her about his meeting.

The kids finally come home. Lumi welcome the kids at the DiMansion. Clyde meets with EJ. Clyde gives EJ a satchel of cash.

The kids leave for breakfast. Lucas is furious that Sami reunited with EJ. "Rinse, cycle, repeat," says Lucas.

Kate asks Chad why he told Stefano that he's working with Kate. She asks who side he's on.

Abby tells Jordan that Ejami reunited. Abby says Jafe is much more different than Ejami. You can say that again.

Clyde tells EJ that he needs to expand his territory. EJ is not open minded. Sami accuses Lucas of being jealous.

Sami tells Lucas that he sounds like his mother. Chad tells Kate that Stefano reverted back to his old ways after he was shot.

Chad says he's on a mission to get Kami for Stefano.

Abby tells Jordan that she loves living at home. smh

Jordan leaves when the topic is brought up about her stepfather. Kate tells Chad, "Sami was never my friend."

Lucas asks about Stefano's revenge. Sami says EJ will protect her. Lucas tells her she sucked Kate into this.

Sami wants Lucas' blessing. He doesn't give it. Lucas says she's on her own when EJ hurts her again.

Clyde calls someone to say he needs a meeting.

Clyde sees Chad after Kate leaves him. Chad follows Kate. Jordan talks to Chad. Jordan catches Chad faking an injury.

Jordan accepts Chad offer of tea. Lucas goes to the Wilson apartment. Abby tells Lucas that Will is a "complete jerk" for what he did.

Kate asks Clyde if he's stalking her. EJ goes home. The kids notice Sami's new ring. Johnny says they are "quadruple" married.

Lucas tries to talk Abby into forgiving Will. Will comes home. Kate tells Clyde she wants EJ to disappear.

Ejami and family have a group hug. Sonny complains to Ben about Chad being a no show at work.

Rafe sees Jordan and Chad having a good time.

Will tells Lucas and Abby that he's going to write an article about Chad. Oh, Lord no.

Will tells Abby that Ben said she's "amazing." Lucas blurts out Zoey's name. Will catches his slip up.

Chad and Rafe talk about Gabi. Chad leaves. Rafe wants to talk to Jordan. Clyde tells Kate that she is a "beautiful package."

Clyde tells Kate that together "they could rule the world, at least this little town."

Sami takes the kids to school. Someone is hiding in the bushes outside the DiMansion.

Ben wants to go away with Abby. Rafe warns Jordan about Chad. She says she judges ppl on how they treat her.

Chad calls Stefano. He tells Chad to tell Kate that Stefano is flying to Frankfurt tomorrow. Kami meet in the park.

Clyde asks EJ's henchman to speak on his behalf to EJ. EJ opens the door to find his mother, Susan.