Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wednesday's "Detective Egomaniac" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Sami makes a complete ass out of herself in front of Rafe, Abby meets Clyde, Victor and EJ go back to their old criminal ways, Jordan slaps Kate, Ben punches Rafe, and Kate is afraid that Sami has second thoughts about her marriage.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

 ·  3h
Rafe visits Sami at the DiMansion. Sami wants to tell him something first. Jordan asks Kate if she's happy now. Kate thinks she's irrational

Abby and Ben kiss in the park when Clyde shows up. Ben is not happy to see him. Nicole tells Eric that she's there to help him.

Nicole tells Eric that he's tense. Abby introduces herself to Clyde. EJ offers Victor inside information on the companies he bought.

Sami tells Rafe that she admits she was wrong about trusting EJ.

Eric tells Nicole that he hasn't been in control of his life. The Cardinal asks if everything is ok.

EJ tells Victor he wants to go back to ruling Salem's underworld. Victor is interested. Kate says she doesn't have time to hurt Jordan

Jordan thinks Kate does have the time to take her down. Sami reminiscences about early Safe and baby Grace.

Sami babbles about Rafe coming to the Mansion to win her back. Rafe says, "have you lost your frickin mind?" lol

Clyde offers to take Ben and Abby out to dinner. He leaves. Abby defends Clyde Ben freaks out.

Kate tells Jordan that she isn't woman enough to satisfy a man. Damn!

Jordan slaps Kate. Victor tells EJ "that your luck ran out the day you married Samantha Brady."

Sami tells Rafe that "he hit paydirt with easy and uncomplicated like Jordan." Rafe says Sami is "in the center of her own universe."

Rafe asks if Kate told her about Rate sex. Sami says she overheard them talking about it. Sami admits to telling Jordan.

Rafe says Sami told Jordan about Rate sex to try to win him back. Kate tells Jordan that Jordan's secret will break up Jafe.

Ben tells Abby that Clyde was playing her. The Cardinal asks Nicole why she destroyed the evidence. Nicole says she knows she was wrong

The Cardinal says the church needs concrete evidence. Nicole begs to not punish Eric for her sins.

Eric tries to get Nicole to calm down. Clyde is holding money sitting on a bench with some hairy dude outside the Pub

Jordan walks in on Babby kissing. Abby leaves. Ben asks about Jafe. Sami says she was trying to let Rafe down easy.

Sami calls Rafe "Detective Egomaniac." Rafe says he hoped EJ would have made her happy, and she doesn't want him to be happy.

Victor and EJ shake on it. Victor tells EJ that he is playing with fire. Victor tells EJ that he has "a great deal more to lose."

Kate comes to the DiMansion. She asks why Rafe is so mad. Sami says it was because of her telling Jordan about Rate.

Jordan is about tell Ben about Rate sex. Clyde gives money to the man to help out a pregnant acquaintance.

The Cardinal wants to tell Eric his decision alone.

Rafe looks for Jordan. Abby lies and says she hasn't seen her. Abby says Ben and Jordan need time alone.

Jordan tells Ben about Rate sex. Rafe tells Abby that he's tired of ppl coming between Rafe and Jordan. Ben punches Rafe.

Sami thinks back to the times she rejected EJ being in her bed. EJ overhears Kami. Kate asks if she's having second thoughts.

Nicole says to herself that she would say a prayer if she knew what to pray for. The Cardinal asks if Eric wants to be a priest again.

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