Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tuesday's "No Surprises" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, the Ejami wedding begins, Rafe prepares to arrest EJ, Eve sues Jennifer, Daniel refuses to stay for JJ's graduation party, Brady tells Daniel why he is cut out of his life, Rafe visits Ari and Wilson, and Sami keeps thinking about the EJAbby affair during her wedding day.  You should follow me on twitter. Here are today's live tweets:

 ·  58m
Brady: There has to be an app to turn your phone off after you have been drinking.

Jenn fumes over Eve. Daniel drops by to see Brady. Rafe talks to his niece. Sonny gets ready for the Ejami wedding.

Lucas, Ciara, and Allie see Sami at the Square. Ciara wants to be the flower girl. Abby checks the wedding garden. Ej shows up.

Dan confronts Brady on cutting ppl out of his life. Brady says Dan is cut out because he hates Theresa.

Eve wants Theresa to tell her about JJ. Jenn vows to beat Eve. Eve calls her sister, "Jeanne." Eve wants to team up against Jenn.

Sami tells Ciara that Sydney is the flower girl. Ciara complains she is running out of chances to be a flower girl.

Lucas tells Sami that Allie wants him at the wedding. Abby tells EJ that she never wants to see him again after the wedding.

Dan tells Brady that Theresa is a sociopath. Will tells Rafe how happy he was when Safe was married. Will wants Sami to be happy.

Rafe ripping on EJ to Will is awkward and creepy on Sami's wedding day. Ben shows up to the Ejami wedding.

Lucas wants Sami to promise to have "no surprises" at her wedding. He kisses her cheek. She says he's in for "quite a show."

Brady comes to Theresa's door. Eve immediately hits on him. Dan tries to drop off a gift for JJ when Jenn catches him.

Sonny tells Rafe that EJ has always been on . Rafe gets a call and leaves. Abby introduces Ben to Stefano's portrait.

Theo and Abe show up. Theo asks if Ben is Abby's boyfriend. Sami tears up looking at herself in her wedding dress in the mirror.

Sami has Ejami flashbacks. Abby asks if Sami is ok.

Theresa introduces Brady to her "much much older sister." Theresa practically shoves Eve out the door.

Dan got JJ a vintage guitar. Jenn hugs him and asks him to stay. Will fakes forgetting the ring. Sami asks Abby to read her vows.

I don't get Abby's maid of honor dress. Sami receives a text. Sami tries to gain her composure. Sydney spreads flowers down the aisle.

Abby walks down the aisle. EJ sends Johnny to escort Sami down the aisle. Abe starts the ceremony. There really is no one at the wedding.

Theresa tells Brady how Kim and Shane would compare her to Eve. Eve takes a call and says, "put it into motion."

Dan still wants space from Jenn. He doesn't see how it is possible for them to reunite. Rafe got a state income tax evasion case.

Rafe hears that the tax evasion evidence was dropped off this morning. Will reads 1 Corinthians.

Abby is handed her poem from Abe. Abby announces Sami picked out the poem for her. Abe asks for objections.

EJ says "I do." Brady takes a drink. Theresa asks Brady to stay away from Eve. Eve talks to Dan at the Square.

Jenn gets sued over royalties by Eve. Rafe asks what the penalties are for tax evasion. He is asked to arrest EJ.

Sami hesitates before saying, "I do."

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