Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday's "Train Wreck" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Sami enjoys telling Wilson and Eric about her revenge, Jenn consoles Abby, JJ learns what happened, Theresa wants $1 million from John to divorce Brady, Hope and Aiden are shocked by their closeness during their dance, and Theresa plays whack-a-mole with a poker to John's head.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

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Haiden back up before things get out of hand during their dance. Ciara and Chase enter the room.

Sami tells Wilson about EJ's affair with Abby. Abby tells Jenn that she is a slut. John wants to talk to Eric about Brady.

Eric agrees with John that Brady and Theresa are a "train wreck." Theresa brings Brady home.

JJ calls Jenn. Jenn is too busy with Abby to take the call. Jenn wants Abby to move forward. Jenn wants to know why Abby didn't tell her.

Sonny refuses to believe that Abby was with EJ. Sami figures out that Will knew. Theresa gives Brady more to drink.

Eric tries to talk John into leaving Brady alone. Theresa talks about getting married in Vegas. Brady says he hates marriage.

Brady toasts to being single, then passes out on the floor.

Theresa calls John and asks him to come to the K-Mansion. Marlena talks about being nervous with her jokes. Hope thinks Giselle is jealous.

Hope teases Roman that he wants Marlena. Father Louie congratulates Aiden. Will says he didn't know it was EJ whom Abby was seeing.

Eric walks into the Wilson apartment. Sami fills him in on EJ's affair. Abby says the affair had been over for a long time.

Jenn says EJ manipulated her. Abby puts the blame on herself. She says EJ was nice to her. Abby asks for forgiveness.
Abby discusses the time she thought she was pregnant. Sami tells Eric she got the EJAbby photos weeks ago.

After all the hype about the gala, it's a total bust. Really? It's in Kristen's old hotel room. Lame.

Hope and Ciara leave the gala. Aiden thinks back to almost kissing Hope. Brady comes to. John arrives.

John checks on Brady who passed out again.

John wants Brady to go to the hospital. Theresa pours herself a drink. She has something to tell John.

JJ learns about EJAbby. Will questions why Sami married EJ. Eric wants Sami out of the Wilson apartment.

Will says, "what a nightmare." Will says Sami will get her revenge. Hope is at the Pub. Ciara says Hope wasn't really sick.

Ciara says Hope is upset because she misses Bo. Ciara shows Hope Bo's picture. Hope refuses to go back to the gala.

Abby guesses that Sami is gossiping about the affair all over town. Sami could have saved herself some time by telling Maggie and Julie 1st.

Eric asks why Sami went through with the wedding. He says the family would have been there for her if she backed out of the wedding. 

Sami tells Eric that she's the co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Sonny comforts Will. Theresa tells John that Thrady are married.

Theresa shows John the marriage certificate. He says Brady was not of sound mind and will get an annulment.

Will tells Sonny they need to stay out of Sami's revenge. Abby takes a hard look in the mirror.

Jenn tells JJ not to get involved with Eve. Sami tells Eric that Kate is the other co-CEO. Eric asks how her revenge helps anyone.

Eric says to Sami, "in the end, you will be the one who hurts the most." Theresa wants 1 million to annul her marriage to Brady.

John secretly tapes Theresa, and plays it back for her. Nice move, John.

Theresa starts panicking. Sonny says Abby needs their support. Will wants to give her space. Will says EJ loves Sami.

Will says he can't believe what EJ did to Sami and Abby. Sami tells Eric that she will get revenge on Abby.

JJ defends Eve to Jenn. Jenn asks JJ to be on her side. Abby asks what is going on. Hope thinks about the dance.

John shoves Theresa off of him onto the floor. She grabs the fireplace poker and whacks him.

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