Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday's "Judas" #Days Live Tweets

I missed the last few minutes to Days of our Lives today.  On today's episode, Eve and Anne wonder why Theresa doesn't want John to wake up, Marlena feels dread, Brady and Nicole reconnect as friends, Eric ponders his future, JJ apologizes to Paige, and Kristen has kidnapped Daniel.  You should follow me on twitter. Here are today's live tweets:

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Daniel asks Eric about his future. Eric spies Nicole listening in. JJ reads about the lawsuit in the paper. Jenn apologizes.

JJ says that is not what is bothering him. Paige thinks back to her make out session with JJ. Eve joins her at the Club.

Theresa asks Anne about John's condition. Anne thinks he won't wake up. Marlena is at John's bedside. Roman joins her.

Brady answers the door and asks if he's under arrest. Eric leaves. Nicole asks about John to Dan. Dan tells her he's going on a trip.

Daniel tells Nicole that he never wants to talk to her. Eve and Paige agree to talk later after Paige leaves in a huff.

JJ is done with community service. Jenn says she looked for a card for that.

Abe talks to Brady and Victor. The DA is not pressing charges against Brady. Abe lectures Brady and leaves.

Dan lectures Nicole on how she hurt Eric. Dan looks different clean shaven. Dan calls Nicole, Eric's "Judas." He leaves.

Eric tells his parents he's going to Rome. Marlena asks Eric to perform a blessing on John. He agrees. Jenn talks about Jack.

Jenn talks about JJ being a miracle baby. Eve calls Theresa. Eve says Brady is getting an annulment.

Eve wants to talk about the lawsuit. Theresa blows her off. Dan drops by the K-Mansion. Victor gets a call.

Dan says he's leaving for St. Louis. Brady says he needs to clean his own messes. Ericole knock into each other. Eric asks her to stay

Eve runs into Dan at the K-Mansion. Dan blows her off when she tries to explain the lawsuit. Victor hopes Brady won't make the same mistakes

Roman tells Marlena that she has never stopped loving John. Marlena says she can't leave John. Roman leaves.

JJ tells Paige that he would never make Paige do something that she wasn't ready for. He asks for forgiveness.

Eve shows up at the door. Victor: Did someone call for a hooker?

Theresa hugs Brady. He tells her the news. Brady doesn't believe that John attacked her. He wants to talk about their marriage.

Brady says he's getting annulment papers drawn up. He asks if Theresa has a problem with it.

Eric prays but thinks of Nicole. Eric is torn and talks to Brother Timothy. Theresa wants to be friends with Brady. He needs space.

Theresa tells herself it is a temporary set back.

Eve shows up at Theresa's. Anne shows up after Theresa calls her from a work retreat. Eve and Anne meet.

Eve eavesdrops on Anne and Theresa. Theresa tells her Brady wants an annulment. Anne wants to know why Tre wants John not to recover.

Eric tells Timothy that Nicole is going to Rome too to testify. Eric asks if his anger towards Nicole is normal.

Nicole and Brady hug it out. Nicole is thrilled that she has a friend. JJ tells Paige that if she didn't forgive him, it would kill him.

I missed a few minutes. Eve asks why Theresa is afraid that John will wake up. Brady swears off booze, drugs, and women.
Marlena has a feeling of dread. Dan is lying unconscious on the floor. Kristen stands over him.

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