Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wednesday's "The Good Sister" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Jenn and Eve meet face to face, JJ and Paige figure out that their mothers are rivals, Theresa updates Anne on her life, Brady seeks out Maggie's help, Abe updates Marlena on Sami's wedding, EJ tells Abby to suck it up for one more day, EJ tries to talk Marlena into attending the wedding, and Ben agrees to be Abby's date for the wedding.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

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I love Eve throwing it into Jenn's face that she's Paige's mom.

Ben leaves a message for Jordan. EJ tells Abby to move on with her life, she asks how considering she's the maid of honor.

Abby says this is the worst mistake she'll ever make. Yeah, I'm not so sure about that. Then she brags how honest Ben is. lol

Theresa fills in Anne about Eve. Theresa tells her, "I'm the good sister." Theresa talks about Brady.

Anne tells Theresa that Brady, "isn't that into you anymore." Brady tells Maggie that she is the one he wants to see.

Eve tells JJ and Paige that she's been to the Horton house 2 decades ago. She talks about Tom and Alice.

Eve talks about how privileged Jenn was growing up. Jenn walks in and says dinner isn't going to happen.

Theresa tells Anne that John is in her corner. Brady asks Maggie for help. Seems out of the blue to me.

Ben walks in on Ejabby's conversation. EJ introduces himself. Jenn says her oven malfunctioned. JJ wants to go out. Jenn backs out.

JJ and Paige leave. Eve brings up JJ's troubles. Jenn wants to know what Eve wants to talk about.

Marlena learns that Sami's wedding is the next day by Abe. She says she should be happy for Sami because EJ is there for her.

EJ tries to talk Ben into escorting Abby to the wedding. Abby interrupts him. EJ leaves. Ben agrees to do it.

Theresa tells Anne that Brady and John shared the same woman. Theresa says John "isn't that bright." lol True that.

Theresa goes up to the bar to John. Brady says he's using again to Maggie. JJ and Paige discuss their moms.

Jenn wants to clear the air about Frankie.

Abby tells Ben that she doesn't trust EJ, and she dated his brother. Marlena tells EJ that she talked to Abe about the wedding being 2morrow

EJ asks Marlena to come to the wedding. Marlena asks why it's her job to mend fences with Sami.

Maggie tells Brady that when he drinks that he craves cocaine. Brady denies drinking is a problem.

Paige thinks Eve and Jenn didn't get along in high school. Eve says Jenn threw Frankie under the bus for Jack.

Eve denies being mad at Jenn for losing Frankie to her.

EJ thought that he and Marlena were on good terms. John tells Theresa that she's enabling Brady's drug problem.

John asks Theresa to leave Brady alone or Brady is going to die. Theresa says Brady is just now starting to live. Theresa is shaken up

Maggie tells Brady that there's a meeting at the hospital. Brady says he has a date. Paige says she was surprised Eve wanted to move 2 salem

Paige tells JJ that Eve talks about Frankie. Eve gives Jenn her condolences for Jack's dying. Eve talks about marrying Jack.

Abby agrees to Ben escorting her to the wedding. They kiss. Marlena tells EJ that Ejami never brought out the best in each other.

Theresa texts Brady to see where he is. Brady is at a narcotics anonymous meeting. JJ figures out Eve is the rival to Frankie/Jenn.

JJ tells Paige that he thinks their mothers hate each other. Eve says it is all about Jack, her and Jenn.

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