Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wednesday's "Best Summer Ever" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Will and Rafe talk to Gabi, JJ talks to Bev about what she did, John confronts Brady, and Hope breaks down in Aiden's arms.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

   ·  2h
Brady tells John to get lost, then he punches him. Theresa pretends to break up the fight when she sees Hope.

JJ confronts Bev about what she pulled with Paige. Paige stops by JJ's house to look for him. Abby is there. Abby is crying.

Jordan confronts Ben about how he feels about men who mistreat women. Gabi cries in Rafe's arms. Rafe says he let her down.

Bev tells JJ that she was trying to tell Paige that JJ did not expose her to an STD.

Paige and Abby do a product placement for Midol.

Abby tells Paige that she lost her best friend and her cousin. Midol is not going to help with that.

Hope tells Brady, Theresa, and John about Gabi's arrest. Gabi tells Rafe that she has to pay.

JJ tells Bev that it will be the "best summer ever" because of Paige. Jordan says that Rafe will not get over Gabi's imprisonment.

Ben and Jordan talk about their past that no one cares about.

Rafe warns Gabi about having EJ as a lawyer. Gabi says she had not right to take Nick's life.

 ·  2h
Paige leaves when JJ arrives. Hope tells Brady and John to stop being so selfish. Theresa excuses herself.

Ben gets a call to drop off paychecks to Sonny. Gabi says it's time for her to stand on her own two feet.

Brady and Theresa talk about Rafe at her place. Will comes to visit Gabi. Will tells Gabi that Ari said, "mama."

Rafe makes a call to find out about Nick's time in prison. Jordan finds him. Rafe tells Jordan he promised Ari to watch out for Gabi.

Abby tells JJ what happened. Hope talks out loud about having to go through this without Bo.

Jordan tells Rafe that he can still love Gabi and support her. Rafe wonders how to tell his family about Gabi going to prison.

Wabi talk about how they first met. Theresa leaves to buy food. Brady leaves a message for Rafe.

Brady leaves an incoherent message for Rafe. John leaves a message for Marlena. Aiden wants Hope to tell him what's wrong.

Hope cries on Aiden's shoulder.

Hope tells Aiden that she wanted to believe that Nick changed. Aiden says he knows Hope better than she thinks.

JJ and Paige drops by Sonny's place. Will tells Gabi that Wilson will talk about Gabi to the baby all the time.

Rafe talks to his mom over the phone. Rafe is distraught that he didn't protect his sisters.

Everyone on is making me cry today. :-(

Aiden says he sees in Hope, "a good and decent person." Theresa brings back chinese food. Brady and Theresa agree to another bump.

JJ offers to help Wilson with the baby. Paige thinks she recognizes Ben from Miami. Jordan says she'll be there for Rafe.

Abby visits Gabi. Gabi tells her not to say anything until she knows the truth.

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