Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tuesday's "Saying 'No' to Sami" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Eric talks to the Bishop about the evidence, Sami and Nicole have a cat fight, Rafe and Kate wake up in bed together, Kate has her investigator look into Ben, Will considers getting a job, Eric is not happy with Sami and Nicole, Daniel is upset with Jennifer's opinion of him, and Maggie talks to Daniel and Jennifer about stuff that Jenn had no idea about.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

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Nicole is waiting for Eric at the Pub. Sami asks Nicole what she did this time. Eric hands over the paperwork to the church.

Jenn shows up at Dan's. Sonny forgets that Gabi isn't in their apartment. Ben tells Abby that he's going to back off.

Jordan has a dream about Rafe. Rafe wakes up in bed with Kate. Dan tells Jenn that they need some space. She disagrees.

Eric explains the drug cocktail he was given. Sami asks Nicole what she did to Eric. Kate wakes up satisfied. lol

Kate and Rafe both say having sex was a mistake.

Abby tells Ben that he doesn't have to stay away. Eric tells the Bishop that Nicole had the paperwork for months.

Nicole and Sami argue. Nicole talks too much and mentions waiting too long. Dan is mad about how Jenn thinks of him.

Rafe thinks Kate gave him pity sex. She says they were drinking. Kate doesn't want anyone finding out.
Abby asks Will for help with planning the Ejami wedding. Will asks if she really wants to do this. Jordan joins Ben at the Club.

The church will consider Eric's evidence. Sami and Nicole have a cat fight.

Maggie goes to Dan's place to make Dannifer more annoying. They discuss Melanie. Kate hears Ben and Jordan discuss Rafe.

Abby: Saying "no" to Sami is like stopping a train.

Kate snaps a pic of Ben. Eric breaks up the Nicole/Sami fight. Eric asks Sami to leave. He tells her to stop harassing Nicole.

Eric says he is not taking sides, he just wants Sami to leave. I'm sure a lot of people feel that way in Salem.

Eric tells Sami that EJ knew all along what Kristen did. She leaves. Kate goes to Sonny's and asks about Ben.

Sonny tells Kate Ben's last name. Abby and Jordan talk about Rafe. Jenn is mad that Dan hasn't told her about Mel, Gabi, and Parker.

Rafe tells Ben that Jordan is better off without him. Abby's discusses Nick's death with Jordan and how it changed their lives.

Will discusses getting a job with Sonny. Nicole thanks Eric. He wants her to leave too. Nicole asks if he met with Bishop White.

Dan says Jenn was the one person he wanted to have a good opinion of him. He feels that Jenn thinks he doesn't measure up.

Dan doesn't want to reconcile. Another boring Dannifer break up. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz \

Kate calls her investigator about Ben. Rafe tells Ben that he's done protecting women from their secrets.

Sami grabs Abby to wedding plan. Eric tells Nicole that his meeting with the Bishop is private.

Nicole asks Eric if he's going back to the church. Jenn tells Dan their love will get them through this. They kiss.
You can tell thinks Dannifer is the money couple because they always end the show with them.

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