Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thursday's "I'm On It" #Days Live Tweets

Finally a must see episode of Days of our Lives today!  Kate gets fired by Victor, Eve hits on Daniel, JJ tries to reconcile Dannifer, Jenn remembers Eve while going through her yearbook, Bev is conspiring with Cole, Nicole gets into a fight with Marlena then betrays Eric again, Roman tries to make Marlena jealous, Marlena laments that she makes things worse for her kids, Sami, Kate, EJ and Abby get into a cake fight, and then big reveal that Kate and Sami are conspiring against Stefano, EJ, and Abby. You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

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Dan meets his new patient, Eve. JJ pimps Dannifer to Jenn. Eric is looking for Dan at the hospital.

Eric hears that Marlena canceled her appointments. Nicole tells Marlena that she won't stand up for Eric to the bishop.

Nicole wants to talk about how Marlena and Sami hurt Eric. Kate meets Victor at his place. He fires her with glee.

EJ tells Abby that Sami doesn't know about them. Sami looks at the pics of Ejabby sex.

Sami: Revenge is a dish best served cold. I'm on it.

Victor fires Kate for hooking up with Stefano and passing on secrets. Sami keeps making digs at Abby.

Nicole tells Marlena that Eric chose a celibate lifestyle because of Marlena's affair with John and Sami's numerous men.

JJ finds Jenn's high school yearbook. Eve asks if she can call Dr. Jonas, Daniel.

JJ looks at a pic of Jenn and Frankie. Jenn complains about someone who interloped on Jenn/Frankie.

Nicole throws Marlena out of her hotel room when Eric shows up. Kate says to Victor, "just you wait" when he kicks her out.

Sami tells Abby how romantic EJ is. You'd think EJabby would figure out by now that Sami knows.

Anyone else think that Sami and Kate are going to be named co-CEOs of DiMera Enterprises after everything shakes down?

Kate calls out for Sami at the DiMansion. Paige asks Bev about the guy who went after her purse. Dan talks money with Eve.

Dan asks if Eve can afford her elective surgery, she's expecting to come into money soon. Food fight between Kami in the garden.

Paige leaves. Bev is concerned that Paige will figure out that she's connected to Cole. Paige shows up at JJ's.

Eve asks about Dan's private life. Nicole tells Eric that she will never hurt him. Kate throws cake at EJ when he tries to break up the fun.

Kate smears cake on EJ's shirt then leaves. Sami tastes the cake. lol

JJ and Paige leave. Jenn looks through her yearbook and finds Eve's pic. Roman pretends to talk to Giselle on the phone to make Doc jealous.

Marlena complains to Roman that she hurts her loved ones when she stands up to Nicole and Kristen.

Eric is not going to hold his breath hoping Nicole does the right thing. He wants her to take off the engagement ring.

EJ asks Sami what she did to hurt Kate. She framed State for stealing info from Mad World. She apologizes for going behind his back.

Phony flashbacks of Eve taunting Jenn that she married Jack and slept with him. Victor shows up at Jenn's.

Victor talks about a movie deal based on Jack's book for money for vets. He sees Eve and calls her a "miserable tramp."

Eric asks for Dan's help. Nicole takes off her ring. Nicole gets a call from the Bishop. Roman thinks Nic won't hurt Eric.

Abby talks to EJ about Sami's temper. Sami offers to take Abby home.

Victor jokes that Eve is in Guantanamo. Jenn says she didn't tell JJ about Eve marrying Jack, and being related to Theresa.

Eve greets her daughter, Paige at their apartment. Nicole is asked to testify for a board hearing. She refuses.

Harold calls Stefano to tell him that Kate said that she "loves and supports him." Kami hug at a brief secret meeting.

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