Sunday, June 22, 2014

Diva's Emmys Live Tweets

From a God-awful red carpet to great night for Days of our Lives actors, here are my live tweets for the Daytime Emmys.  Congrats to Eric Martsolf, Chandler Massey and Eileen Davidson!

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I am so glad I skipped watching the red carpet with these moronic fuckwads.

Please stfu Nice photobombing of Kristian Alfonso. I would have paid Kristian to trip them.
I am making a bold prediction that no award shows will ever be streamed online again.

lmao at Kathy Griffin for trashing Bethenny Frankel.

lmao at Kathy's story about the drunken soap star in the bathroom with the tv doctors.

Congrats to ! Well deserved!

Ok, made me cry. Congrats to him.

Congrats to Amelie Heinle but wtf is she wearing?

Apparently someone put Casey Moss & Kate Mansi alone in a dark room naked w/ a pile of clothes on the floor and that's how they got dressed.

Wow. Love Sharon Case's dress.

Major wtfuckery with Y&R writers winning the .

Chandler Massey with the hat trick. Congrats!

Good for Chandler for joking about the showing Guy Wilson's reel instead of his.

Chandler Massey and Hunter King are trending.

I'd rather spork my eyes out w hot pokers then fill in the holes w tabasco sauce and maggots than watch morning news shows

I'm getting bored with the .

I am glad for this long speech, I got chips and dip to go with my wine.

I am so glad Duke the dog got a shout out, I was afraid his feelings would get hurt without one.

I can die in peace knowing entertainment news shows can finally win an emmy.

Comparing anyone to Bill Bellichicken is not a compliment.

Sharon Osbourne needs to host next year's

Congrats to ! Now go back to fuck

Eileen, you are not going to win another emmy on Y&R, go back to .

Y&R won best series? lmfao

Kathy Griffin, I love you. Thanks for ending this shit.

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