Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wednesday's "Can't Live Without You" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Will confesses to Hope and Abe, Marlena teases Roman about his date, John confronts Brady on his drinking, Brady and Theresa get high, Gabi does a photo shoot while Abby and Ben babysit Ari, Sonny tries to find Will, and Victor tries to get Sonny to flee the country.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Brady asks Theresa about her coke dealer. JJ looks for Rory in the park. Paige finds Bev's STD tests. Bev tells Paige not to tell JJ

Gabi is doing a photo shoot at the Club. Abby sees Ben playing with Ari. Victor accuses Sonny of killing Nick. Will confesses to Hope.

Hope tells Will to stop and get a lawyer. Victor tells Sonny that 3 bullets were missing. Will confesses to Abe. Abe reads his rights

Victor thinks Will killed Nick, not Sonny. Will confesses on tape. Will says he wants to own up to what he did.

Marlena talks to Aiden about the gala. She asks him why he hasn't contacted her for psych services. JJ comes home.

Brady asks Theresa to call her dealer. He leaves for a walk. The male model doesn't show up, the photographer spots Abby/Ben.

Sonny refuses to answer Victor's questions, and leaves. Will tells Hope that Sonny took Victor's gun and they hid it.

Roman tells Aiden that he and Marlena are ex's. Marlena is told about Roman's date with a donor. Marlena teases Roman.

Theresa's dealer arrives at her place. Brady looks at his reflection in a window at the Sq. He texts to Theresa that he won't be returning. (He never sends the text)

Ben is offered to model. He turns it down. Will tells Hope about the custody hearing. Will says he got the gun and shot Nick.

Marlena keeps teasing Roman. Roman accuses her of being jealous. John talks to Brady at the Sq. John tells him he's drunk enough tonight.

Brady offers to drink with John. John spills out the bottle in the plastic flowers. Bev tells Paige not to jump to conclusions.

Bev leaves. JJ asks Paige what did he miss. The model shows up. Abby asks Ben why he didn't want to model.

Will tells Hope he hid the gun at the park, then Sonny unknowingly took it home in the back pack.

Sonny looks for Will at the Club. Victor calls Sonny to go to the plane. Vic tells Sonny that Will is at the SPD.

Paige blabs to JJ about Bev's STD's test. Paige knows Bev was playing her. Brady shows up at Theresa's with alcohol. He sees the drugs

Hope tells Will that he is free for tonight. Sonny asks Will what he's done.

Paige tells JJ that she's always played it safe. JJ says he's not a virgin, but never slept with Bev.

Ben offers for Abby to stay at the Club. Brady continues drinking. Brady wants to do a little bit of coke.

Will tells Sonny what he told Hope and Abe. Will is tired of others taking the fall for him.

Paige leaves because kissing JJ is making her hot. Theresa and Brady use coke and start kissing. Hope thinks Vic manipulated the gun.

Gabi and the baby arrive home. Sonny asks Will how he is going to live without him. Will kisses Sonny goodbye.

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