Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thursday's "World Class Liar" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Hope questions Will and EJ, Abby thinks EJ put a hit on Nick, Abby and Ben kiss, Daniel tells Nicole to tell Eric the truth, and basically everyone tells Marlena that they are happy that Nick is dead.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Hope is upset that Nick was reaching out to change and someone stopped him. Ben tells Jordan that no one cares Nick is dead.

Dan confronts Nicole with the pieced together documents. She plays dumb. Not a good move, Nicole.

Will and Rafe think Nick was pretending to reach out for counseling. Marlena and Rafe leave Hope's office.

Will confesses to Hope that he threatened to kill Nick. EJ checks up on Abby. Abby tells him basically that she knows he had Nick whacked.

Caroline off screen calls Jenn and Eric. Eric tells her that she did everything she could for Nick. Glad that got acknowledged.

Nicole claims she never saw the documents. Daniel is not buying it.

Marlena asks Rafe in the Square if Will is in trouble. He denies it. Rafe wants Marlena to check up on Gabi. She agrees.

Rafe tells Marlena that basically Nick deserved to die. Will rehashes the fight with Nick to Hope. Will denies killing Nick.

Hope asks Will where he was at 8:45 pm when Nick was shot. Abby confronts EJ on killing Nick. Nicole denies the truth to Daniel again.

Dan tells Nicole he found the papers on Smith Island. Dan figures out Liam was blackmailing Nicole.

Will tells Hope where he was all day. Will denies having a gun in his possession last night. He denies killing Nick again.

Hope tells Will that she already questioned Sonny. Hope says she can't rule out any suspects including him.

Ben admits fighting with Nick because of Abby. Jordan asks if he still has his gun. Abby figures out Nick was killed in a hit.

EJ strokes Abby's face and lies that he would never do that to Nick. Abby calls him "a world class liar."

Abby: You are a world class liar.
 EJ: Yes I am

Nicole keeps digging a ditch. She questions why Daniel doesn't believe her.

Rafe says Nick didn't deserve to die, but he kept sticking his thumb in people's eyes. Like Rafe doesn't do that.

Jordan denies thinking Ben killed Nick. Jordan says Ben's gun is unregistered. EJ shows up at Hope's office.

Hope shows pictures to EJ. Jenn says she lost track of Nick. Nicole finally admits to the truth to Daniel.

Rafe gives Jordan flowers because she was nice to Gabi. Rafe tells her there are no leads. She asks who he thinks killed Nick.

Abby thanks Ben for being there for her last night. Ben notices she's not ok. Hope has pics of EJ leaving Mad World.

Nicole tells Daniel the whole story. She says Eric left the priesthood before she could tell him the truth.

Nicole tells Daniel that she was afraid of Eric rejoining the priesthood.

Dan asks how Liam got the papers. She tells the truth on trying to burn them. Nicole tells Dan that he is her best friend.

Daniel forgives Nicole. Eric asks Jenn to talk to Marlena about how Nicole has changed. Jenn and Eric leave her place.

Marlena and Will talk at the Pub. Will says he's glad Nick is dead. Abby blames herself for not trying harder with Nick.

Abby tells Ben she might be the reason why Nick was murdered. EJ claims his argument with Nick was purely business.

Hope tells EJ she will trace his connections with hitmen. Dan tells Nicole she will tell Eric the truth.

Rafe tells Jordan he would put himself on the top of the list for killing Nick. Yeah right. He would put EJ.

Will tells Marlena that he is capable of hatred. Hope tells someone that it will take her awhile to interview everyone.

Ben kisses Abby while my dish goes out. Thanks Dish!

Someone watches EJ from the bushes. Nicole refuses to tell Eric, she grabs the papers and tries to leave when Eric/Jenn show up.

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