Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thursday's "Now Or Never" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Nicole tells Eric that Daniel is in love with her, Jennifer nags Daniel on what is bothering him, Abe and Maxine break up before they even get started, Abby tells Jordan that she is responsible for Ben being questioned by Hope, Kate accuses Lucas of taking the fall for Nick's murder, Rafe is being a douche for EJ including him in the Wabi custody agreement, and EJ tells Abby that he paid someone to kill her cousin.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Lucas admits to taking Kate's gun. Abby calls EJ. She says she has to tell the truth. He wants to meet with her first.

Rafe asks EJ what is going on. Jordan asks Abby if she's ok. Abby says she got Ben Rogers in trouble. Hope talks to Ben.

Jenn asks Dan what is going on with him and Nicole. Nicole wants to elope today. Lucas denies shooting Nick.

Dan tells Jenn that he thinks Nicole already dealt with her issue. Nicole tells Eric that someone wants to keep them apart.

EJ shows Rafe the Wabi custody agreement. Rafe doubts EJ's intentions. Rafe asks EJ what is in it for EJ.

Abby tells Jordan that Ben is being asked about Nick's death because Abby told the police about the Nick/Ben fight.

Hope asks Ben what did he and Nick fight about. Lucas says he stole the gun so Allie wouldn't find it.

Kate: Lucas, I raised you to be a better liar than that.

Nicole tells Eric that Marlena and Sami will never accept her. Abe and Maxine show up at Dan's with food.

Nicole tells Eric that it's "now or never."

Nice of EJ to keep Rafe in Ari's life even though Rafe conspired to keep EJ away from his kids.

Jordan tells Abby that she has to go. Ben tells Hope that Nick treated Abby poorly. Kate apologizes to Lucas.

Lucas tells Kate that he surrounded his passport to Hope. Lucas admits he took the gun because of Nick.

Abe and Jenn leave to buy the salmon for lunch. Maxine tells Dan that she and Abe decided to be just friends. booo!

Eric agrees to marry in Vegas with Nicole. She wants to get married tonight. Eric wants Dannifer at the wedding. UGH!

Lucas says he was planning on shooting Nick, but someone beat him to it. He says he threw the gun in the river.

Kate accuses Lucas of setting himself up for the murder. Ben tells Jordan that it didn't come up that they are relatives.

Ben tells Abby that being questioned was nothing. Jenn tells Abe that she is worried about Dan.

Jenn tells Abe that she can't "let" Daniel handle this one. Control freak much?

Nicole says that Dannifer might let it slip that they are eloping. Eric tells Nicole that she's not telling him something.

Jordan tells Rafe that Ben was questioned today. Rafe says he will tell Hope that Ben is her brother if Hope asks.

Abby leaves Ben. Lucas gets questioned again by Hope. EJ sends a text. Kate asks EJ about the custody agreement.

Kate tells EJ to tell Stefano that the necklace he gave her is lovely. EJ questions why she keeps the jewelry.

Dan tells Maxine that he gave his late wife an ultimatum to tell her family that she was dying. She did, and she was grateful.

Dan tells Maxine that his friend that he gave an ultimatum to won't forgive him.

Rafe tells Jordan that he is going to protect her. Abby shows up at the DiMansion. EJ pulls her close. Abe and Jenn go back to Dan's.

Abe and Maxine leave. Jenn asks Dan again to tell her what is up. Eric asks Nicole what is Dan expecting her to tell him.

Nicole tells Eric that Daniel doesn't want them to get married.

Rafe promises to tell Jordan first if he plans to tell Hope that Ben/Jordan are siblings if she doesn't ditch town.

Hope tells Lucas that he's lying. Hope says he's lying about meeting Nick. EJ searches Abby's purse.

EJ tells Abby that he paid a man to kill her cousin. Dan tells Jenn again that he will tell her when he gets the call.

Jenn says she's ready to listen when he wants to talk. She leaves. Dan wonders why he hasn't gotten a call yet.

Nicole tells Eric that Daniel is in love with her.

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