Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday's "Vultures" #Days Live Tweets

Today's episode of Days of our Lives is a must see.  If you do not want to be spoiled, do not read my tweets until you watch the episode first.  Stop reading if you do not want to be spoiled.

Julie lashes out at everyone over Nick's death.  Hope investigates Nick's murder.  Gabi, Julie, Maggie, and Hope say good bye to Nick.  Kate is ready to celebrate Nick's death.  Allie is traumatized by the amount of blood loss Nick suffered.  Sami feels some guilt over Nick's death.  Wilson declare they will do anything to protect each other.  I started tweeting a few minutes late today.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Julie yells at everyone to get back from Nick. Hope and Maggie talk about Nick at the Pub. Hope gets a call to go to the Square.

Jordan tries to help Nick. Lumi and Kate try to console Allie. Lucas and Kate leave with Allie. Hope arrives at the scene.

The ambulance arrives for Nick who has been shot twice.

Julie leaves with Nick. Hope asks Rafe what happened. Rafe leaves with Hope. Almost everyone goes to the hospital.

Allie tells Lucas and Kate that she wants to see Nick. The three of them go into the Pub.

Kate casually tells Maggie that Nick was shot. She's more concerned with Allie's obsession with Nick's blood being everywhere.

Julie tells Wilson that Nick didn't deserve to be shot. Julie worries about calling Jessica. She doesn't get why Ben is there.

Julie says that Nick was right that Abby, Wilson and Ben hated him. Hope and Rafe follow the blood trail.

Hope thinks the people at the Square had plenty of time to shoot Nick and make it back to the Square. Everyone is a suspect.

Sami tells EJ that Nick was ready to point his finger at them.

EJ assures Sami that Nick wouldn't figure out that a stranger shooting him was a hit. Julie comforts Gabi.

Julie asks Gabi who would hate Nick enough to shoot him. Hope regrets not talking to Nick. Maggie arrives at the hospital.

Julie tells Maggie about what happened to Nick. Will tells Sonny to take the gun back to Victor's asap. Jordan consoles Gabi.

Ejami show up at the hospital. Julie tells Maggie that Nick knew who shot him. Allie is asleep at Caroline's.

Kate tells Lucas that she hopes Nick is dead. Lucas deletes a text from Nick telling Lucas that he's at the park.

Julie calls Ejami "vultures." Maggie tries to calm her down. The doctor tells everyone that Nick is dead. Julie is devastated.

omg Susan Seaforth Hayes is making me cry while watching today.

Abby cries then looks at Ejami. Julie wants to see Nick. Julie asks Gabi to see Nick. Abby fumes looking at Ejami.

Rafe recuses himself from Nick's case. Kate talks to Lucas about Nick's death benefits. Lucas walks away.

EJ makes a call to have the Ejabby pics destroyed. Sami overhears and asks what pics. Hope cries over Nick's body.

Hope apologizes to Nick for letting him down. She calls him a "sweet soul" who "never found happiness."

EJ lies to Sami that he was talking about the pics of Nick being dumped into the river. Gabi, Maggie, and Julie leave to see Nick.

Julie, Maggie, and Gabi weep over Nick's body.

Julie says they all failed Nick. Julie and Maggie leave Gabi alone with Nick. Gabi thinks back of her marriage with Nick.

Gabi touches Nick's face.

Will holds Sonny's gun. Sounds dirty, but it's not.

Rafe asks Jordan how he can console Gabi when she knows he didn't like Nick. Ben drops Abby home.

Abby thinks back to Nick calling her "EJ DiMera's whore." Gabi joins Rafe and Jordan. Gabi says she needed to see Nick.

Gabi says Nick is at peace. Sonny comes back to the Wilson apartment. Sonny tells Will that everything will be alright.

Will tells Sonny that he will do anything for him. Sonny says he will do anything for Will.

EJami go home. EJ gives her a drink. Hope questions Julie. Julie says Nick tried to point to his killer. Julie lists who was there.

Julie calls EJ "a snake" to Hope. Sami looks at Stefano's portrait. Nick's face is covered by a sheet.

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