Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday's "Love Doesn't Make Sense" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Nicole convinces Eric that Daniel is in love with her, Hope interrogates Lucas for a second time, EJ tells Abby that his hitman did not kill Nick, Arianna celebrates her first birthday, and Daniel talks to Marlena about Nicole.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

EJ admits that he paid someone to kill Nick. Abby says he was "just protecting his own DiMera ass."

Arianna and family celebrate her first birthday. Lucas denies seeing Nick until he was in the Sq. Hope says he saw Nick at the park.

Dan wrestles with whether Nicole lied to him again. Nicole tells Eric that Dan is in love with her. Eric gets a call.

Marlena asks Gabi how she's doing. Lucas denies being in the park and shooting Nick. Hope says Lucas had dirt from the park on his shoes.

Eric answers Daniel's call.

EJ admits he had Nick's murder planned before he met her. She says she will tell Hope. He tells her to stay until he can explain.

EJ says the hitman returned the money because he didn't do it. Marlena tells Sami that Allie will be ok.

Marlena leaves the party. Kate thanks Gabi for being generous with the custody agreement. Abby thinks EJ is scamming her.

EJ tells Abby that he is not responsible for Nick's murder. Eric tells Dan that he will call him back. Dan assumes Nicole was honest.

Sami wants to talk to Kate about the necklace Stefano gave her. EJ asks Abby who didn't want Nick dead.

Hope says Lucas's shoe print matches the prints at the park. Marlena runs into Dan. Eric is buying Nicole's story.

Nicole tells Eric, "love doesn't make sense."

Wilson and Gabi joke about Sami and Kate arguing outside. Sami says her truce with Kate ended with Nick's death.

Sami calls Kate "a witch" while leaving the party. Kate says, "more cake anyone?"

Lucas says he saw Nick's body and left the scene. Abby wants to go, EJ lets her out when Sami arrives. Sami asks why she's there.

Marlena tells Dan that she's unfair to NIcole. Nicole tells Eric that Dan still loves Jenn. Nicole wants Ericole to give Dan space.

Nicole suggests eloping and not returning to Salem.

Abby and Sami talk about Allie. EJ receives a phone call. Lucas admits he should have called for help. Nick wouldn't have made it regardless

Lucas tells Hope that he went to get a gun before going to the park. Marlena thinks she projected her anger over Eric's rape on to Nicole.

Dan tells Marlena not to apologize over grilling Nicole over Chyka. Eric still isn't sure over eloping. Nicole says Dan told her to wait.

Eric wants to talk to Daniel about his love for Nicole.

Kate gives Ari pearls. Will asks where Kate got her necklace from. Kate denies being back with Stefano.

Sami thanks Abby for tutoring her. Sami talks about postponing the wedding. Abby promises to come to the wedding. Sami hugs her.

Nicole convinces Eric to text Dan that he needs a few days before he talks to him. Dan tells Marlena to not apologize for protecting Eric.

Dan receives Eric's text. Dan thinks maybe Nicole is impersonating Eric. lol

Eric needs to take a walk. Alone, Nicole tries to convince herself that her plan will work. She leaves.

Sami tells EJ that Stefano is buying Kate jewelry. EJ tells Sami that Hope has been grilling Lucas for two hours.

Lucas tells Hope that he threw the gun in the river. Hope receives some evidence. Nicole is looking for Dan at the hospital.

Nicole calls Dan. He doesn't take her call when he sees Eric. Dan wants to talk to Eric.

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