Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wednesday's "This Is It" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, the Wilson wedding ceremony begins, and Liam breaks into Jennifer's house almost getting caught by Dichole.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Brady/Theresa still in bed. Jafe leaves the hospital, Abe is taking a call. EJ meets with the zen dude to get Marlena's certification.

Kate cuts Marlena off from drinking before the ceremony. Will meets T at the bench. Gabi overhears Sonny conspiring against Nick.

Roman and Caroline show up. Sonny was talking about Nick the liquor distributor. She apologizes. Nicole and Dan at the hospital.

Liam sees Dan at the hospital and says to himself, "nobody's home." Brady thinks it is a bad idea to go to the wedding w Theresa as a couple

Theresa claims she was joking, Brady isn't buying it. Hope and Ciara show up at the wedding. Kate calls Marlena "reverend."

Kate asks Marlena to show her the certificate. The ceo doesn't want to hand over the certificate because of Sami.

Sami stops Marlena from warning Wilson.

Ciara is wearing her expensive earrings. You go girl.

Magic wonders where Brady is. Jenn and JJ arrive. T leaves Will with Justin. Justin says Sonny is nervous.

The CEO says he was set up on a blind date with Sami. I can see why he's been traumatized for years.

Dan asks Nicole about Ericole. She says it's good. Liam breaks into Jenn's house. The CEO complains about Sami talking non stop.

EJ tells the CEO that he "dodged a bullet." And dating Sami led him to the Temple. Sami and Kate discuss Jafe while Jafe is outside.

Rafe tells Jordan that he talked to Ben. T finds a way to sneak into the K-Mansion. Brady finds them.

Victor joins Sonny and Gabi. Victor says he wants to get a word in with Sonny, "before the shooting starts. lol

Dan tells Nicole he's going to Jenn's to pick up toys then they will go to lunch. Liam goes on Jenn's computer with a flash drive.

Theresa scrambles to find a wedding gift in her room. She takes Kim and Shane's wedding pic out of the frame, to give Wilson the frame (It was a pic of Kim and Shane from the RoJohn/Marlena wedding.)

Maggie tells the crowd that the wedding is starting soon. Will hears Marlena and Sami arguing over the certificate.

Sami lies to Will. She escorts Will outside before Marlena could tell him. Adrienne joins Sonny. Theresa joins the wedding, as well as Brady

Marlena joins Will and Sami, when EJ interrupts her. Sami promises to thank EJ later. Will says, "this is it."

Dichole show up at Jenn's. Liam hides on the floor in front of the couch. Adrienne and Sami talk to their sons before the ceremony.

The ceremony starts with Marlena, Abby, and Gabi waiting while JJ and T walk down the aisle. Sami escorts Will down the aisle.

Adrienne escorts Sonny down the aisle. Marlena starts officiating. Wilson tell each other "I love you."

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